Black People With Beautiful Blue Eyes

Megan Morgan Blue eyes 1024x683 Black People With Beautiful Blue Eyes

If I think of it, I have never seen black/African people with blue eyes. Now that we are on the topic, I think we should research more into this unique phenomenon. In Africa, we have a large population of Africans who make up our country and they have the most beautiful skin. It has a natural glow and is flawless, this is one thing I always admired about them.

Why Do Black People Have Blue Eyes

black people with blue eyes

A small percentage of African people are born with bright cerulean-blue eyes. According to scientists, it is attributed to genetic mutation or Waardenburg syndrome (WS),which is a rare (1/40,000) disease which results in deafness in association with pigment abnormalities and defects of tissues. Waardenburg occurs once in every 42,000 births, and is a deficiency inherited from a single parent. Regarding the eye, color abnormalities come in three forms, multiple colors, pale blue eyes, reflective and spottiness.

Black People Who Have Blue Eyes

Individuals from Europe and the Near-East have many characteristics that set them apart from the rest of the human race.Europeans are far more likely to have blue eyes (95 per cent in some Scandinavian countries), they also have a greater range of skin tones and hair colour than any other ethnic groups. One theory is that Europe’s cold weather and dark skies played a part. Fair skin is better at making Vitamin D from the 8 per cent of the world’s population have blue eyes were exposed to weak sunlight.

Black Baby With Blue Eyes

Babies are simply the cutest and when you see an African baby you just want to pick them up and pinch there cheeks forever! The first thing you look at when you see a baby is their eyes. Since a baby can’t speak, they express their feelings through laughter and tears but their happiness is something which is greatly expressed through the eye. When a baby smiles it looks so beautiful if their eyes are another colour, other than brown, it looks even more amazing. Imagine a small baby with dark skin and blue eyes. Ever heard of the saying ” black is beautiful”, well, here we see it in its full form.

Images of Black Babies and Toddlers With Blue Eyes

This was the first time I saw black babies and toddlers with blue eyes. They are too adorable and not to mention cute. Blue eyes have always been associated with white people, but here we see the opposite.

black people with blue eyes Megan-Morgan-Blue-eyes-1024x683 black people with blue eyes

Images of Black Adults With Blue Eyes

There are a few African-American actors with blue eyes and they are known for their unusual and unique eyes which are not common on black people. Many people want blue eyes and use blue contacts to get the same effect. But doing this does not yield the same results, as natural eyes always looks more beautiful than contact lenses. Normally you can see the difference between contact lenses and natural blue eyes. Let’s have a look at some amazing blue eyes on black people.

black people with blue eyes black people with blue eyes
black people with blue eyes black people with blue eyes black people with blue eyes black people with blue eyes black people with blue eyes

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