Black: is the New Red Abaya

Black is one color that never goes out of style, these new black Abaya are breathtaking. As traditionally Abaya were worn in the color black but with time and the coming in of designers they introduced various colors in which Abaya can be made. The evening collection of Abaya usually has black color as most ladies prefer to carry them .Black color has an edge over other colors and is loved by both youngsters and old ladies. What people look for in new collections is that the Abaya should be made of good material and secondly it should be modern and trendy because now a days everyone wants to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends. Now with a black jilbab there is an advantage that hijab of any color can be matched and wrapping a bright hijab with a black Abaya gives body to the whole look. In 2016-17 designers are now planning to bring back black Abaya as they traditionally used to be but not just simple black something exclusive will be added like an embellishment or something unique. Abaya for occasions are not usually black as some people believe black to be an unhappy color although it is not true, But New Black Abaya is suitable for an evening gathering with friends.

Latest Stylish New Black Abaya ideas

New black abayaThis image shows a black Abaya that has material draped to the neckline from the side that gives it a flowy look. The blue embellishments give it a subtle look.

New black abaya

This picture again shows a black Abaya but this one has a twist to it as it has separate layer of cloth on top and it is like a front open gown with an attached under dress and gold silk is used for detailing on the neckline and sleeves.

New black abaya

This picture shows 3 Abaya but we will be focusing on the black one as it gives an ethereal look the leather belt and string give it an edge on the other two Abaya.

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