Best Arabic Mehendi Designs For Girls Collection 2017-2018

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands21 Best Arabic Mehendi Designs For Girls Collection 2017-2018

Best Arabic Mehendi Designs For Girls Collection Images

Arabic mehendi designs is the style we will be showcasing today. I hope you enjoyed our previous feature on bridal mehndi designs. I absolutely love wearing mehendi and have worn it since I was a little girl. In our culture it is very common to find women, teenagers and little girls adorning their hands with mehendi. We generally wear it for special occasions, but sometimes we just feel like applying it for everyday. There are many designs to look out for these days. There are so many new styles which makes it possible to wear mehendi patterns on your hands every day. The simple designs range from wearing them on one finger or multiple fingers without adding it to your entire hand. I have seen the patterns being drawn on the fingers at lengths to resemble medi-rings. This is the modern trend. This modern trend is accomplished using the Arabic mehendi design with I will provide an image of below. Need an eastern outfit to accompany your design? Click here to view traditional Pakistani outfits

Latest Arabic Mehendi Designs

I have to admit that I wasn’t aware that you get Arabic mehendi designs. I thought that mehendi was an Indian custom which was adopted by people throughout the world. I have recently come to learn that there are 3 types of mehendi designs and the Arabic design forms part of the 3. The Arabic mehendi design style is more floral. The flowers are generally fuller and larger than the Pakistani and Indian mehendi design style. But even though they use huge floral designs in their mehendi style, the modern Arabic mehendi designs do not feature any floral but rather have Aztec patterns. This modern mehendi design has been made very popular by young girls and hijabi bloggers. Many girls prefer not to adorn their entire hand with patterns as they don’t want to look like  a bride or upstage a bride. The simple mehendi pattern is definitely the way to go for this reason.

Arabic Bridal Mehendi Design

arabic-mehndi-designs-for-hands21-580x407 arabic-mehndi-back-hand arabian-mehndi-design

The Arabic mehendi designs are quite simple yet pretty to look at. It is a pattern which your eye could follow and you won’t get lost in the design, since the pattern is quite spacious and not overpowering. Here we see the floral designs I spoke about earlier. The Arabic mehendi design also makes use of the jewel embellishment to complete the look for the bride.

Arabic Mehendi Designs For Bridal Feet

Arabic Mehendi Designs For Bridal Feet

Some brides like applying mehendi designs to their feet as well. Here is an Arabian mehendi design which you could have applied for your wedding day.

Simple Arabic Mehendi Designs For Your Hands

simple-beautiful-arabic-mehandi-design 2016-arabic-mehandi-design-latest-images Arabic Mehendi Designs For Bridal

If you prefer the more simpler designs, then these are picked out especially for you. many young girls like wearing mehendi but don’t want to wear any hectic designs on their hands. The simple styles are perfect for the everyday look. But wait, these might not be simple enough for every day. I think the ones below will have your jaw dropping.

Modern Arabic Mehendi Designs For Every Day



I love this one! This is the medi-ring design which I spoke of earlier. I simply love it, don’t you? Comment below if you would like to see more mehendi designs.

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