Beautiful Pakistani Engagement Dresses 2016-2017

Pakistani Bridal Dresses 2012 0014 Beautiful Pakistani Engagement Dresses 2016-2017

Pakistani engagement dresses for 2016-2017 is so breath-taking I couldn’t stop myself from scrolling for more images. I think I compiled too much but I can’t help it, they were too beautiful for words. If you are planning on getting engaged soon, then I have the perfect compilation for you and I am sure you will be very confused as to what style to choose and I would normally feel your pain, but choosing between so many extravagant styles will make me too excited and I would really be spoilt for choice I don’t know how you would choose only one! Here are more compilations of Pakistani outfits which we have displayed in our previous article. Click here to view it.

Pakistani Engagement Dress Styles

The Pakistani dress styles are very heavily detailed and it is often confused with Indian outfits as they too are very heavily detailed. Someone once told me that Pakistani dresses are heavily embroidered, whereas Indian dresses are heavily beaded and this made me realise this important way to distinguish the difference between the two.

Pakistani Engagement Dresses With Hijab

Pakistani dresses are often found with a head covering as this is part of Pakistani custom. However, they often cover their head using the scarf found on the outfit and it is just draped on the head. It is a very wide and long scarf and cannot be used as hijab. You would then wear a normal front wrap or style your hijab in a special style for your engagement and then drape the dupatta above the hijab. The only instance where the dupatta would be worn on your head is when you are getting married or engaged. Other than that, it is draped across your outfit.

Images of Pakistani Engagement Dresses With Hijab

I found it quite difficult to collect images of Pakistani engagement dresses with hijab but here is the best I could find. Notice how simplistic the hijab style is since the outfit is so elaborately embellished. The jewellery also makes the look more dramatic and bold and very fancy. One thing I have noticed is that red and gold is the colour which is most commonly worn by bride-to-be’s. This colour is common in Indian culture too.

pakistani-bridal-dresses-with-hijab-4 Pakistani engagement dresses Pakistani engagement dresses

Modern Pakistani Engagement Dresses

These new Pakistani dress styles are very popular with young girls and I even see western designers adopting this style. It is a western style dress with the use of Pakistani fully detailed fabric and it looks every beautiful and is so eye-catching. The soft colours are very feminine.

Pakistani engagement dresses Tena_Durrani_Bridal_Dresses_2016_7

Traditional Pakistani Engagement Dresses

Traditional Pakistani dresses will never go out of fashion. Trends and styles may come and go but your cultural wear will always remain the same. The style might change slightly but the overall design will still be kept intact. I love the fresh bright pinks and oranges. I especially love purple and cream colour combinations as it’s the contrast between light and dark. This colour combinations create a dramatic effect.

Trend-of-Nikkah-and-Engagement-Dresses-for-Brides-2016-2017-11 Top 10 white and cream Pakistani bridal dress (5) Pakistani engagement dresses Pakistani engagement dresses Pakistani engagement dresses New-pakistani-bridal-dresses-2016 Bridal-Walima-Dresses

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