Beautiful Pakistani Bridal Gold Jewellery Sets 2017-2018

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Latest Pakistani Bridal Gold Jewellery Sets Designs Images

Amazing Pakistani gold jewellery for bridal wear is what we will showcase today. We are always looking at ways of making the brides life easier. We know how busy that time of year gets and you don’t have time to look for inspiration or to sort out all the good images from the not-so-good. That’s where we come in! We go through the liberty of making your life so much easier by showcasing the best jewellery designs for bridal wear by the Pakistani bride. I am a bit confused between the Pakistani gold jewellery and the Indian gold jewellery, but I think I can see the difference after viewing the images. Click here for a look at bridal hijab styles with your headpieces for your wedding day.

Pakistani Gold Jewellery For Bridal Wear

Pakistani brides love wearing gold jewellery on their wedding day. When we speak about wedding jewellery, I’m not talking about a little chain around your neck and studded earrings. No! I’m talking about long chunky gold necklaces with heavy detail and heavy weight as well! Ha-ha! The bridal jewellery sets worn by most Pakistani brides may look like they are taken straight out of a Bollywood movie, that’s how extravagant and royal they look. There are lots of fine detail which goes into the design.

Choosing The Perfect Jewellery Set For Bridal Wear

Generally in the Indian culture, the groom buys the gold jewellery (or daaginer, as it is called in our Indian community) for the bride to wear on her wedding day. In the past the grooms family purchases the bridal jewellery and therefor decides on the design. However, as time passed, brides also had the say in the design and style of their jewellery, since it only makes sense. She will be wearing it for the rest of her life and should be happy with the style and since gold is an expensive commodity, you wouldn’t want to buy something which someone wouldn’t want to wear. I personally think it is a waste of money if you are primarily just buying it out of following through with tradition, especially if the bride wouldn’t want to wear it after she’s marriedĀ  and since there is no religious reason behind it. However, it is practiced in my culture, so I guess there is no getting away from it, ha-ha!

I got completely side-tracked, I think this is common knowledge by now. I was going to give you advice on choosing your jewellery. Well, here goes… choose a set which best suits you. Don’t feel pressured into choosing something which is lavish and chunky and covers your entire neck if you aren’t that way inclined. If you are a simple person, choose a set which is delicate and not outspoken and huge. Choose a set with matching jewels to complement your eastern outfit. It always looks so beautiful when brides choose matching gold jewellery sets for their Pakistani outfits. I love the gold and pearl combination. It looks very royal. I also saw a black and gold jewellery set for bridal wear. I’m not sure if that’s too dark for a bride, but it did look pretty too.

Pakistani Bridal Gold Jewellery Sets

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