Beautiful New Abaya Patterns Collection

A New and beautiful collection of Abaya is now available that has new patterns, these Abaya are now available in a variety of colors and styles. These Abaya are very modern as they are made of different materials and have lace and stones attached to them. With these trendy Abaya you can carry any look you wish to whether formal or semi-formal it depends on how you accessorize yourself. Jilbab are mostly made of crepe as it is a flowy and thin material that is suitable for summer season. Hijab can be wrapped of any suitable material such as silk, cotton or even chiffon. In 2016-17 it really matters how to dress up for specific events such as bridal showers that require a very colorful and bubbly look. Occasion’s such as weddings require a royal look that can be achieved by wearing any dark color such as royal blue, red and black the most loved color by woman. Nowadays beautiful statement jewelry such as hand cuffs, belts and rings are in fashion these exclusive pieces are on every woman’s to buy list. As these beautiful new abaya patterns have come in its difficult to take your eyes of them everyone wants to grab all of them.


New Abaya Patterns Style For 2016-17


new abaya patterns

This picture shows an very decent look a plain grey Abaya is paired with a black checkered sleeveless cardigan and a black scarf is worn these brown wedges helping in breaking the color.

new abaya patterns

Now this is a plain black Abaya but this is stitched differently as this has square sleeves and pink silk is appliqued on the sleeves and waist of the Abaya.

new abaya patterns

This Abaya is perfect for evening wear as this black Abaya has motives made from sequins are all over it and has bell slevees and a belt on the waist.

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