Beautiful Hijabi Brides To Inspire You

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When researching for images of hijabi brides, I just realised what a difficult task it would be to select only one dress for your big day. Seriously, I wouldn’t be able to decide on just one outfit. My mom recons that’s why you should have a wedding for an entire week! In our culture we do have many events and get-togethers a week before the wedding, depending on whose side you’re related to. It’s more fun if it’s the girls side.  For a look at my very recent post on hijab brides click here.

Decisions Made By Hijabi Brides

As I was saying, I was researching the topic and each time I looked at an image I showed my mom and told her “this is the one!”, until I saw the next image and the next… I have no idea how a bride-to-be would make this difficult but necessary decision. I did realise that I move more towards the traditional eastern wear as apposed to the western white dress. I absolutely love the detail and beadwork and the jewellery which accompanies the outfit is just so stunning. I would definitely wear  a very detailed hijab style to match the fully sequined outfit and of course he headpieces to go with it.

Hijabi Brides in The White Dress

A lot of Muslim brides choose to wear the white dress. They are brought up in western culture and adopt this way of dressing. Needless to say, there are Indian and Pakistani girls who live in western countries but haven’t forgotten their culture and carry it with them wherever they go. They would therefore continue the tradition of wearing cultural wear for their engagement, wedding or walima.

Images of Hijabi Brides in Diamante White Dresses

Diamante white dresses are a trendy fashion statement at the moment. Many girls are marrying young and they are often the ones who bring us the most unique and fresh youthful bridal styles. Adding diamante on your dress adds extra glamour to your outfit and will make beautiful photos, as the stones will shine under the light. I always noted that there are certain colours to avoid when choosing a colour for your bridal dress, as the colour doesn’t show up correctly on digital photos. These are common with blues and purples.

muslim-bridal-wear hijabi brides

Simple Hijabi Bridal Styles

Many brides like to wear simple styles and they don’t like to go overboard with intricate styles as the more stylish your dress is the more expensive the cost and after all, you are only going to wear the dress once in your life. Some girls wear their moms wedding dress or their grandmothers. This is very common these days, as the vintage look is in fashion and the frills and embroidery is right on trend.

Images of Simple Hijabi Brides

Bridal-hijab-dress hijabi brides hijabi brides

Traditional Eastern Hijabi Brides

I saved my best dress for last. I love eastern wear and wouldn’t be able to choose only one outfit. They are all beautiful and the jewellery is simply exquisite.

hijabi brides hijabi brides hijabi brides hijabi brides hijabi brides


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