Beautiful Hijab Wedding Gowns For 2016-2017

If you are looking for hijab wedding gown pictures, you have certainly come to the right place because we will be looking at some nice styles for you. I have recently covered ivory wedding dresses, if you would like to have a look at it.

Types of Wedding Gowns

There are many different  types of wedding gowns which you can wear for your wedding. These days women can choose between wearing traditional dresses, or western dresses. You can go for a simple style or an extravagant, over-the-top diamante styled wedding gown. The princess style is quite popular too. However, many girls like to follow the western dress code of wearing a slim fit dress. Colours are generally not worn, if you want to go for the white wedding look.

Types of Hijab For Wedding Gowns

There are ample options for your hijab on your wedding day. Many girls wear the simple front wrap with the silk scarf and simply place a veil above it with a tiara. This is great if you are wearing a white dress in the princess style. It is also a practical way of carrying off the white wedding look.

If you are wearing a traditional outfit, you can match your hijab with your outfit. If you are wearing an eastern outfit, you can wear your head chains too.

If you saw a nice hairstyle and can’t wear it because you are a hijab wearer, well you will be excited  to hear that these days there are many hijab stylists who create these styles especially for weddings. They create floral designs out of silk so that it resembles flowers. It is then kept together with diamante pins which are also used for bridal hairstyles.

A Colourful Wedding Gown

Some girls wouldn’t want to wear a white wedding gown on their wedding day and find it to be boring and predictable. Therefore I have found a coloured wedding gown for you. There are many wonderful designs for wedding gowns found online, do have a look and share your opinion with us.

hijab wedding gowns

Simple Princess Styled Wedding Gowns and Hijab

hijab wedding gowns

White lace is a commonly used fabric for wedding gowns and are especially used on the bottom borders of the dress as well as the sleeves. Using it on the borders of the veil will complete the look and make it look like a well thought-out master piece on your wedding day.

hijab wedding gowns

Another simple shite dress with white lace borders. A buttoned up bodice is commonly used with this styled dress. Since the dress is quite simple, the hijab style is simple too. She used the front wrap with the veil and soft white and pink bouquet to complete the look.

hijab wedding gowns


White and gold is very royal. This dress is a Barbie styled dress and will suit anyone who has a slender physique. I do think that wearing a white under top would suit it best.

hijab wedding gowns

Wreaths are also very fashionable at the moment and replaces the tiara.

Hijab Style for Wedding Gown

hijab wedding gowns


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