Beautiful Abaya Fashion in China

abaya fashion in china

China is a country where there is Muslim population but in minority, therefore Abaya fashion in China would differ from that of other Muslim countries where Muslims are in majority. However, the Chinese dress is inspired from the basic concept of Abaya. It is quite similar to Kaftan and Jalabiya, which are also derived from the basic pattern of Abaya. Arab world or countries in the Middle East like Dubai have various Abaya trends followed by Muslim women and girls across the globe. Arab world can be considered as a hub of Abaya fashion, because the concept of Hijab or Abaya originated from there along with the religion of Islam. Women in China prefer to wear hijab with long dresses, if they are not wearing Abaya. Islamic clothing for women is defined in simple context and therefore many women who turn towards Islam even if they live in China can follow the Islamic dress code and can take help from Quran. Abaya makes a woman look modest and decent. Moreover, women who want to look different in Abaya everyday can take online help or can shop online for fashionable Abaya’s. They can select from a vast range of designs that are not only latest and stylish but are also exclusive and can be worn on any event or occasion. The latest trends of 2016-2017 provides an outline for women that what kind of trends of Abaya they should follow this year. Abaya fashion in China need some time to progress.

Abaya Fashion in China Pictures:

abaya fashion in china abaya fashion in china abaya fashion in china