Authentic Bohemian Turkish Jewelry


Turkish and bohemian jewelry are pretty much on the same lines. Both jewelry types incorporate stone and coin jewelry. Turkish and bohemian jewelry have to be ornate and extremely colorful. It should incorporate as much colorful elements as they can. Both of them work on the lines of symmetry and stones and the use of various different kinds of metals are given prominence so that each and every jewelry piece stands out. Turkish jewelry is alluring and radiant; the designs are very unique and exclusive. Just like bohemian jewelry, Turkish jewelry also has choker necklace and coin jewelry designs but Turkish jewelry use gold coins rather than using coins made up of sterling silver hence they should be paired up with formal clothes mainly evening gowns and dresses.


The Art of Bohemian and Turkish Jewelry


The following images show jewelry designs that are inspired by the bohemian jewelry designs and how exactly Turkish jewelry looks like. Many designers are importing authentic Turkish jewelry from turkey and they give us a representation of what the art of jewelry was in the Ottoman or Turkish Empire.


Turkish Art or Bohemian Art


A very beautiful and sublime Turkish and bohemian earrings in which garnet stones and turquoise stones have been used with a combination of gold. Such earrings are designed specifically for semi-formal events, which can be worn with any kind of clothes provided that they compliment the outfit.


Bohemian designs inspired Turkish neckpiece that is ethereal and extremely beautiful. Such necklaces fit perfectly with drop shoulder shirts that are in trend these days. However drop shoulder shirts are common in shalwar kameez as well these days so girls if you have your lawn collections that are ready to be stitched than go for a drop shoulder design so that you can flaunt your neckline by wearing this alluring necklace. Earrings should be avoided with such heavy designs.


Evil eye coin necklaces are common in Turkish tradition, as they believe no harm can come to them if they wear such necklaces, rings, earrings or bracelets.


Bohemian Turkish Jewellery Designs in Gold


Turkish golden coin jewelry, which is a direct reference to bohemian jewelry design. The only difference is that bohemian coin jewelry is in sterling silver whereas Turkish coin jewelry mostly in gold.


A beautiful 6 strand Turkish bracelets that has a amethyst stone in the middle. Just like bohemian jewelry Turkish jewelry also incorporates huge stones but they prefer polished stones so that the stone has smooth edges rather than rough. Girls who are getting married can get this bracelet with their wedding dress as such bracelets design are created so that they can be included in the bridal collections.


Turkish Multi Gems and Green Emerald Ring

The image above shows a very alluring Turkish multi gems and green emerald ring. Such designs are mostly prominent in bridal collections. Women can follow the same design but if they want some other stone they can ask their designer to do that.



Exclusive jade two-strand necklace that will make you look classy as many designers believe in the fact that simplicity is the best policy. Simple designs keep you safe and help you avoid the risk of looking odd when you are going out to attend a gathering like parties etc.

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