The Newest and Latest Arabian Style Hijab

Arabian hijab style has always been followed by millions of Muslim women around the world. We have been sharing loads of ideas on Arabian hijab style and fashion so if you are looking for more inspiration, do have a look at our previous article here. I have always been looking for images of Arabian styles which are unique and which would give you ideas on new ways of wearing the style. Finding tutorials on hijab styling in the Arabian style is quite difficult. I have noticed that the hijab style is quite simple, but its’ the jewellery which makes the style Arabian. They wear exquisite gold headchains above their hijab and this gives them their ethnic look. I have compiled looks worn by the Arabian princess. She has a lovely style and grace about here and is absolutely beautiful. To view her style, do stay glued to the article for images provided below. Let’s look at Arabian hijab styles.

Modern Arabian Hijab Styles

I have compiled lovely headchain hijab styles for you to choose from. Some are quite simple, while others are very fancy which you could wear for special occasions. Have a look at the princesses styles too. She combines lots of detailing in her hijab style.

Arabian Hijab Styles

Here we see one of the types of head chains worn by Arabian women. This chain has loose pieces hanging down the front which is very common.

Arabian Hijab Styles

This is the head chain style which can be found on belts as well. The coins hanging down is typical Arabian style and looks so stunning.

Arabian Hijab Styles

Another head chain with coin detail. The gold is a prominent colour when wearing head chains which resemble the Arabian style. This might be a bit too much for some girls but for  a special occasion it will work wonderfully. Do note that the more detail on the head chain, the heavier the piece will be.

Arabian Hijab Styles

Wow, another style worn by Arabian women is the niqab. This is another example showing the coin head piece. This look can be worn for weddings and Eid, I absolutely love the look. I think the dark brown scarf and mustard with gold headchain makes this style look very royal. Her Arabian winged make-up completes the look so well.

Arabian Hijab Styles

This is a Latest wedding hijab style. I was surprised to see a silver head chain, as most of the styles used the gold one. If I remember correctly, I have seen the princess wearing a lovely silver headpiece. Look below for images of it.

Hijab Style By Arabian Princess

The Arabian princess is followed by many. She has limited presence online, but I have found some images of her hijab styling which I would love to share with you. We could draw some inspiration from her style, even though we do have quite limited resources. I do hope to dedicate hijab styling tutorials to her some time soon.

Arabian Hijab Styles Arabian Hijab Styles Arabian Hijab Styles Arabian Hijab Styles

I think she looks absolutely beautiful with all the head pieces. Let me know what you think. Happy styling.



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