Headdress Worn By Arab women

Beautiful Fashion Muslim Girl in Niqab Headdress Worn By Arab women

The most common headdress worn by Arab women is the niqab. We will be going in-depth into the topic and explain what the niqab is and why it is worn in the middle-east. I don’t know if you have ever encountered a situation where someone asks you why you don’t wear niqab? Well, I have and for this reason I’ll explain under which conditions we wear the niqab and explain why it is not compulsory in Islam. We will also feature some basic and beautiful fancy niqab styles for to gift your mother on this year Mothers Day to try. For more on niqabs from our previous article, click here.

What Headdress is Worn By Arab Women

A niqab (/nɪˈkɑːb/; Arabic: نِقاب‎‎ niqāb , “veil” also called a ruband) is a cloth that covers the face. It is worn by some Muslim women in public areas and in front of non-mahram men, especially in the Hanbali Muslim faith tradition. The niqab is worn in the Arab countries of the Arabian Peninsula such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. The niqab is also worn in countries such as Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh as well as some parts of Palestinianruled territories, southern provinces of Iran, and additional areas with sizeable Muslim populations.

Why is Niqab Worn By Arab Women

Saudi women are not required by  law  to wear the niqab. However, the niqab is an important part of Saudi culture and in most Saudi cities (including Riyadh, Mecca, Medina, Abha, etc.) the vast majority of women cover their faces. The Saudi niqab usually leaves a long open slot for the eyes; the slot is held together by a string or narrow strip of cloth. Many also have two or more sheer layers attached to the upper band, which can be worn flipped down to cover the eyes. Although a person looking at a woman wearing a niqab with an eyeveil would not be able to see her eyes, she would still be able to see out through the thin fabric. In 2008, the religious authority in Mecca, Mohammad Habadan called on women to wear veils that reveal only one eye, so that women would not be encouraged to use eye make-up.

According to Saudi Arabia’s Shariah law, women’s clothing should meet the following conditions:

  • Women must cover their entire body, but they are allowed to expose one or both eyes in necessity.
  • Women should wear abaya and a headscarf thick enough to conceal what is underneath, and the abaya should be loose-fitting.
  • Women should not wear brightly coloured clothes or clothes that are adorned so that they may attract men’s attention.

Even though there are laws, some do follow fashion and style. Here are some looks of headdress worn by Arab women.

arab women headdress

A beautiful niqab style with lovely detail.

arab women headdress

This is a lovely style and here we see the Arabic makeup style being worn. They have a bold and colourful make-up style which they are famously known for.

arab women headdress arab women headdressarab women headdressarab women headdressarab women headdressarab women headdress

I hope this was an informative article on the headdress worn by Arab women and took you on a journey to discovery.

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