Angrakha Style Dresses Designs for 2017-2018

Angrakha Style Dress Designs Collection For Girls5 Angrakha Style Dresses Designs for 2017-2018

Latest Angrakha Style Dresses Designs Collection

Angrakha dresses styles designs
are so beautiful. I have never heard of this style before. After researching it, I came to the realisation that is an anarkali with a front wrap. So it actually found inspiration from the western dress style. I have never seen it before, probably because the angrakha is a Pakistani eastern dress style. Join me on discovering this dress style for casual, formal and even bridal wear. For more stunning designs, view our previous article here.

Angrakha Dresses Designs Styles

The angrakha design has a front wrap across the chest. This style is great if you want to conceal imperfections. I haven’t ever worn the style as I feel it is a style for more mature women. I was proved wrong, as I have found dresses for girls and teenagers in the angrakha style. This style draws attention to your upper body, so if your upper body is the biggest part of your body, then maybe it’s not such a great idea. There are styles for everyday, special occasions and bridal.  Let’s discuss some wonderful styles below. I am sure you will love it.

Images of Angrakha Style Dresses For Girls

Girls, if you thought you would miss out on this style, don’t worry, the angrakha dresses are available for teenagers and girls too. The angrakha dress designs for girls are not as mature as they are for women. They are also designed using cotton fabric and soft embroidery, instead of heavy beadwork as you would see for women.


Wow! I always said I would never wear yellow but this colour combination is so pretty. I always said purple and yellow is a good colour combination. This is a nice colour combination for young girls. The embroidery is so pretty.


Wow, this is a great design for young girls to wear to a wedding or special occasion. The white is a soft colour and the cotton fabric with embroidery is great for girls to wear when attending a summer wedding or party. Girls always need an outfit for occasional wear. Since we are girls, we don’t need an excuse to dress up! ha-ha! The angrakha is a great style to wear if you feel like wearing something different. These days everyone wears the salwar kameez, anarkali and churidaar. The angrakha is a nice change and will add a new element to your normal wardrobe.

Special Occasion Angrakha Dresses Style For Mature Women


Many times we always see dresses and fashion for young girls, women and teenagers but we don’t focus on fashionable mature women and I thought of adding something for them too. Mature women love dressing up too and this angrakha look is great. I love the black and pink colour combination.

Angrakha Dresses For Special Occasions

fancy-bridal-wear-angrakha-style-dresses-gowns-designs-2015-2016-121 angrakha-style-in-pakistani-dresses-2015-2

I love colours and therefore I would obviously loves these designs especially the colour combinations above. The colourful prints are beautiful too, wouldn’t you agree?

Modern Angrakha Designs and Styles

angrakha-style-dress-designs-collection-for-girls13 Angrakha Style Dresses Designs

Bridal Angrakha Designs and Styles

bridal-wear-fancy-angrkha-style-dresses-gowns-for-weddings-8 bridal-dress-angrakha-style-frocks-2016-dresses-fashion-709x1024 angrakha-style-dress-designs-collection-for-girls5

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