Amina Abaya Collection 2016-2017

Amina Abaya collection of 2016-2017 is very unique and different since they not only focus on symbolizing women as decent and modest but also make sure that women look classy and fabulous through their exclusive Abaya collection. Many modern designers are launching latest Abaya collection every season; using the high quality fabric that is suitable for that particular season. Moreover, they add variations to the full sleeves and long length Abaya’s. Moreover, as designers have to remain restricted in designing Abaya since they cant experiment with it, therefore; they come up with creative ideas when they are creating hijabs. Hijabs is a part of Islamic clothing that can be modified, whereas Abaya can be modified to an extent of colors, accessories, and embroidery only. The pattern of Abaya cannot be changed. It is necessary and compulsory for Abaya’s to have full sleeves and should be long in length. Amina Abaya collection of 2016-2017 has styles that are stylish and graceful at the same time and can be worn by women and young girls on every kind of occasions like weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries etc.

Exclusive Amina Abaya Collection

Amina Abaya CollectionThis image shows a shaded dress that can be used and incorporated to create a trendy Abaya for formal purposes and will look chic and trendy on evening functions.

Amina Abaya Collection

Another funky way of wearing Abaya, with embroidery on the neckline of Abaya which is a different way of wearing it.

Amina Abaya Collection

This is another way of wearing Abaya, but it is merged with modernity and traditional concept of Abaya.

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