Amazing Pakistani Sharara Designs For Special Occasions

DE0PAK0SHA0201 Amazing Pakistani Sharara Designs For Special Occasions

Amazing Pakistani Sharara Designs For Special Occasions Images

Stunning Pakistani sharara designs for special occasions is what we will be showcasing today. I have never worn a sharara but whenever I hear the word, I start singing the song “sharara sharara” from Meri yaar ki shaadi hai. I know, there is no resemblance between the two, but just because the word sounds the same therefore it always comes to mind. Ha-ha! For those who also have never seen a sharara before, let me enlighten you on this beautiful Pakistani dress. For more Pakistani designs, click here.

What is the Pakistani Sharara?

It’s a pair of loose pleated trousers worn by Pakistani women, typically with a kameez and dupatta. That is the direct explanation of the Pakistani sharara. I thought it was a skirt, like a gharara. Probably because it has a similar name. I must say that the Indian and Pakistani terms are very similar. When I viewed the images of the sharara, I was amazed at the width of the pants. It is so wide, I was convinced it was a skirt. Apparently the sharara outfit is extremely heavy. I would believe that, since so much material and beading goes into the design. I would love to see what styles you like wearing. If you too have never worn a sharara and you’re looking at trying a new style, let’s have a look below at some lovely styles together, below.

Sharara Designs From Pakistan

Pakistani girls love dressing up for special occasions. Even if you’re not Pakistani and want  to try out a different style, the sharara is definitely something worth trying out. There are days when you want to wear a pants but it won’t be suited for the occasions. Like for weddings, it is always expected for girls to wear dresses and skirts. A pants wouldn’t be best suited, unless you are wearing an anarkali which has a long dress. The sharara is amazing because you can still wear your pants but seem like you’re wearing a skirt.

Images of Modern Pakistani Shararas

Pakistani sharara

This is one of the most modern sharara designs and I simply love  it. The colour is so soft and this is a bridal design too. What do you think of it?

Pakistani shararaWow! This must be the most beautiful sharara design which I have seen. Even thought it’s sleeveless, I would definitely purchase it and wear an undertop. It’s too gorgeous not to buy. The amount of detail and bead work is amazing. Here you can clearly see that this outfit is extremely heavy because of the excessive beadwork.

Bridal Pakistani Sharara For Walima

Many Pakistani couples have a walima celebration after their wedding. Most Pakistani brides will wear the Sharara for their walima too. It is fancy but not over the top as their wedding outfit. On their walima they also  want to look bridal and therefore wear outfits similar to the ones we will look at below.

latest-stunning-pakistani-bridal-sharara-dress-for-baraatOkay, I think this is more bridal and for the actual wedding day than the walima, since it is so fancy, ha-ha!

Pakistani sharara brown-party-wear-dress-short-shirt-jacket-and-shararaPakistani Sharara Designs For Teenagers And Girls

Pakistani sharara Pakistani sharara Pakistani sharara Pakistani sharara latest-walima-bridal-dresses-2012-in-pakistan-india-h latest-beautiful-pakistani-bridal-sharara-dress-collection23 Pakistani sharara

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