Amazing Kurta Designs For Ladies Collection

Ladies Kurta Design With Jeans for Summer5 Amazing Kurta Designs For Ladies Collection

Latest Kurta Designs For Ladies 2017-2018

Modern kurta designs for ladies is our feature topic for today. I remember a few years ago, no I’m lying, it was when I was 12 years old… the kurta tops were in fashion and everyone wore them. Young girls, teenagers, university students and women wore them everyday during summer. That was the year when we had the Indian expo’s where exhibitors from India, Egypt, Dubai and more would bring clothing and food from abroad and sell them to the South African market. These expo’s were held during the Summer months and everyone, I mean everyone wore them. The best thing about buying kurta tops is they are quite reasonably priced. I will even go as far as saying it’s quite cheap, especially when you buy them at expo’s. The best part is you can buy one and get one free. If you go on the last day, everything is marked down even further. Of course, that is the time I attend the expo’s cos why must you buy everything at full price when you can get it for half-price? Ha-ha! Oh my word, I completely got carried away here in my introduction so let me pause and share a link of my previous article on the Pakistani angrakha designs.

My Kurta Design Experience


I know that might sound exaggerated but wearing a kurta top is an experience. You won’t want to wear it with western clothing and want to make your look as Indian or Pakistani as possible. This is so ironic, because, as I am writing this article, I am wearing a white kurta with gold sequins an a skinny jeans. I paired it with pointed salmon pink pointed pumps with gold studs. I decided on wearing a turban hijab style with a salmon pink underscarf and gold sequined scarf so that I could wear my white and gold earrings. I just got back from a mendhi therefore I was wearing it. I never wore it in a long time, since it’s white and I am too scared to mess on it. You know how terrible it is when you mess curry on a white kurta top, oh don’t talk about uncle’s wearing white kurtas to weddings. You know they enjoyed the food if their white kurta has colourful polka dots of curry on it! Ha-ha! Wait let’s look at some kurta designs.

Casual Kurta Designs For Girls

modern-style-women-kurtis kurta designs for ladies ladies-kurta-design-with-jeans-for-summer12

These are nice kurta designs which can be worn everyday with a jeans. I would definitely wear it like that for summer. The great thing about wearing a kurta during summer is that it has a closed neck and long sleeves which is modest Islamic wear as well.

Kurta Tops For Women

Womens kurta tops are more heavily embroidered and have more darker colour tones like deeper reds, oranges and dark greens and black.

kurta designs for ladies ladies-kurta-design-with-jeans-for-summer5 girls-kurta-designs-by-zahra-ahmed

I love these designs. I would wear all of them. I love the colourful designs and the dark blue and link. I always loved paisley prints, it’s an indian print so no wonder!

latest_pakistani_kurti_designs_2017_for_women_fashionhuntworld-2 new-long-kurta-designs

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