Amazing Ivory Wedding Hijab

elegant long sleeves lace muslim sheath wedding Amazing Ivory Wedding Hijab

I hear wedding bells! Now all you need is your ivory wedding dress and hijab and you will be ready to walk down the aisle. There are so many hijab styles online and you will be surprised at what you will find. I would say you should keep your options open and don’t make a decision on the first great image you see. Look at every source of media available. Here are some more ideas from previous articles on wedding hijab.

Ivory Wedding Dress and Hijab

Wearing ivory wedding dresses has always been a western trend. As Muslims have travelled the world and being brought up in a different country and being exposed to different cultures, they have become accustomed to drawing inspiration from fashion in the western world.

How To Wear The Ivory Dress in an Islamic Way

The ivory dress is predominantly worn by Christians and they originated with the dress style. Muslims have also adopted this way of dressing on their wedding day and have moved away from wearing their cultural dress. This is common in Cape Town. Women will wear their cultural dress, the sari, for the Nikah and for the wedding reception they will wear the ivory wedding dress. The ivory dress worn by westerners are very revealing. We will give you some ideas on how to wear it in an Islamic way.

How To Wear The Ivory Wedding Dress Modestly

There are many ways to take a dress and make it modest. There are so many different dress styles like off the shoulder, strapless, backless, and many more. But how do you make it modest and wearable for your wedding day? This is a question asked by many Muslim women. They are always looking for ways to buy a dress and make it modest enough to wear. I prefer ready-made dresses, as they are made to fit and don’t look like they wear stitched by a dressmaker. It looks more professional when it’s bought. Some ladies buy the dress ready-made and wear an  undertop if it doesn’t have any sleeves. Others will wear a cropped jacket above the dress. If it has short sleeves, you can stitch on a longer sleeve. These are just some of the many ideas I have come across. Also, if your dress has a low neckline, you can always sew another piece of fabric in its place and add beads to it or even diamante.

Combining Your Culture With Your Ivory Dress and Hijab

Sometimes you don’t need to worry about covering your neck, as in the Indian culture, we wear lots of jewellery around the neck area which hangs down the bodice. Even though we might wear the ivory dress on our wedding day, there will always be a cultural element featured somewhere in the outfit. Many Muslim women wear the ivory dress and accompany it with Indian jewellery and also include the traditional headpieces in their hijab, like the tika etc.

Ivory Wedding Dress and Hijab Images

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