Amazing Fancy Maxi Dresses Designs in India

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Fancy Maxi Dresses in India Collection 2017-2018

India has beautiful fancy maxi dresses and we will be looking at them today. The reason why the Indian maxi dresses looks so different from the western maxi dresses is because of it’s design. Western dresses are made fancy with prints and simple beading or sequence but Indian dresses are much fancier. They use the same fabric they would’ve used for the anarkali or saree designs. So, the motives are positioned cleverly on the dress to create intricate patterns. The fabric is hand-crafted in India and this is what makes it so expensive. The dresses might be maxi and since it’s a dress you might think it wouldn’t have an eastern look. But, there will always be that element which you will be able to see it is made in India. I have a feature on Asim Jofa formal dress designs which I am sure you would like to view too. Click here for the latest styles.

Latest Fancy Dresses From India

When attending a wedding and you need to wear something special, you often look at eastern wear since it is your cultural dress. Wearing the saree, anarkali, churidaar or Punjabi can be very repetitive and boring. If you want to change your look for a close relatives wedding, why not wear a dress. In our culture we would wear eastern to weddings which are not closely related. But, when it’s our sister, brother or cousins wedding, we would wear a dress. Let’s look at some designs below.

Fancy Dresses From India For Occasional Wear

I have found many different designs and tried to accommodate for everyone’s tastes in style and fashion. Some of the dresses are more neutral while others are more bright coloured like most of the Indian clothing. I even found a yellow maxi fancy dress with blue embroidery. I never wear yellow and don’t wear those bright colours found on eastern clothing but the yellow dress actually might change my mind.

Images of Fancy Dresses in India

fancy maxi dresses in india

Here is the yellow dress I was talking about. I love the way the dress comes out at the bottom. This is a ballroom style dress.

fancy maxi dresses in india

This is another western styled dress in a ballroom style. The reason why I’m saying that is the draping that comes up the drop of the dress.

fancy maxi dresses in india

This is a designs which I find in eastern boutiques here in Cape Town. It is rather expensive but worth it if you think of the cost to make the same dress from scratch.

fancy maxi dresses in india fancy maxi dresses in india fancy maxi dresses in india fancy maxi dresses in india fancy maxi dresses in india

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