All the Way from Qatar: Embroidery Abaya Designs

Are you a fan of the Abaya designs being made in Qatar? Well so are we! Our personal favorite is the embroidered Abaya designs! They are just fabulous to look at and to wear! Qatar is recognized worldwide for its Abaya designs; and they are right in being so! They have brilliant designers who come up with fabulous new design ideas for their clients! If you want to wear an Abaya with a twist, then Qatar is the place to go to! They have some amazing tailors who can sew up amazing cuts made for your body shape. The Hijabs are beautiful and have beautiful designs printed on them like the Islamic art or the Turkish art! It’s like a whole new cultural experience there! You can also follow the tutorials of some women from Qatar; as their women know some serious Hijab fashion! You can also pre order them online and get a custom made Abaya all the way from Qatar while staying at home! Doesn’t that sound like fun!

Pictures: Embroidery Abaya Designs from Qatar

abaya embroidery designs qatarHere is a classic black Abaya with a beautiful Hijab with it! A complete stunning look because of the simple embroidery. 

abaya embroidery designs qatar

Another way of keeping your Abaya simple and contrasting it with white!


abaya embroidery designs qatar

Here is a stunning way of uplifting your Jilbab with a beautiful embroidery work!

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