The Latest Alkaram Eid Collection 2020-2021

316 The Latest Alkaram Eid Collection 2020-2021

The Latest Alkaram Eid Collection 2020-2021

Alkaram Eid Collection for 2017 is the feature for today. 2016 has just about ended and it is a great time to stock up on last years marked down fashion. Eastern wear doesn’t change much in one year and now would be a great time to purchase an Eid outfit in advance to save on costs. Alkaram surprised me with their exclusive wear for males too. Most times, the focus tends to be on female fashion as females are very much interested in what they wear and the image they portray. They want to look fashionable at all times and love dressing up for special occasions. If you would like to look at more amazing Pakistani fashion, click here to view my previous article.

The Alkaram Fashion House

Alkaram brings fashion for Men, Women and Kids, to Home Textiles and home-ware needs.  The Alkaram studio is perfect for fashion fabrics, ready-to-wear lines and stunning accessories from our stores.

Alkaram studio is located in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Multan, Gujrat, Mirpur, Peshawar and Dubai. I think they are very accommodating with their strategic store placements. You country not being featured? Well, that’s why we have the online store to choose from. I think having online stores bridges the gap for us living in different countries but still want to uphold our cultural dress. I also bring the latest online fashion to you and make it easier for you to choose whatever you like.

Alkaram Eid Collection for 2020

After looking at so many Pakistani Eid collections online, I thought I would see some similarities across designers but I must say that they are all unique. The designs have the general cut of Pakistani clothing, but the fabrics and actual detail on the outfits are completely different. I have noticed that there are few differences between the Summer and Winter outfits, probably because the seasonal change is not that great than in other parts of the world? I have seen Alkaram uses thicker fabrics for their winter attire. I think Pakistani designers should have an international Winter attire designed for sub-zero continents. It is a struggle finding Winter clothing for Eid online, even the imported designs which we find in our boutiques are not warm enough to wear during our freezing Winters. I just thought it’s a factor worth considering. Nonetheless, let’s look at some of the clothing designs by Alkaram.

Images of Eid collection by Alkaram

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