Abaya Fashion Designs: How to wear Jewelry with Abayas

Wearing jewelry with Abayas can be a little tricky; you need to follow some fashion designs and rules to nail a look! Luckily we have some ideas for you! The new and exclusive Abaya fashion news for you guys is that everyone is wearing their Abaya with some serious fashion accessory; like a clutch, a necklace or head piece. All the girls are following this 2016 to 2017 fashion trend very religiously, so should you! One should try their best to incorporate the latest look in their appearance to seem chic and fashionable.

Another thing very inn these days is the changing Hijab look; there are so many Hijab styles one can pull off these days, ranging from maxi scarves to head turbans and they all look fantastic. The awareness about this fashion has spread so much that you can wear the right type of scarf most appropriate to your face type. Girls are truly working on their beauty schemes ad they religiously follow tutorials that’s teach them more about the Hijab and Abaya fashion. You too can get ideas from them on how to put together an outfit whether it is fancy, casual or formal. They can also get ideas from them as to how to wear the Abayas and Hijabs you already have in your collection but in a more chic and fashionable way. These Saudi tutorials have let people experiment so much with their look that the traditional black Burqa has been completed altered according to the contemporary fashion.

Fashion Jewelry to wear with Abaya Designs

abaya designs jewelry fashion

You can wear a broche over your Abaya like this as well.

abaya designs jewelry fashion

This is the kind of Head piece you can wear on your Hijabs. She has worn it on a turban Hijab; however you could wear it on a Maxi Hijab as well.

abaya designs jewelry fashion

We love this long necklace look; one can pull it off really well!

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