Abaya Designs: What to Wear in the Summer

The summers can bring with them an unbearable heat with it, and you need to have amazing Abaya designs to wear to survive that kind of weather. But how does one manage to look awesome along with being comfortable? One can never compromise on their beauty with the surpassing heat can they?! However we believe we do have a few tips for you to keep in mind when you go out to buy new Abayas. These tips are exclusive for the stylish girl of 2016 and 2017! We would suggest you buy light weighted Abayas, with nice pastel colors and floral prints! Not only will you feel comfortable in them, but it will also be soothing for those who look at you. Our favorite materials include chiffon and silk! And our personal preferred colors would include light pink, sky blue or sea green! These colors are not only in style, but will also make you look simple, innocent and beautiful. You can also visit latest designer collections to get ideas. Black Burqas although are traditional, but try wearing them in chiffon or contrast them with colors. Arabian fashion is known to be versatile when it comes to Abayas, they have beautiful Hijabs to compliment their Abayas and some of the stonework, embroidery, and sequence work done on them is just stunning!

Ideas in Abaya Designs for the Summer

abaya designs for summer

Alright! We admit this is not a traditional Abaya design! But look at its color. And we love how the Hijab is attached to the Abaya! Such a design would allow a lot of air to surpass, and that essential in summers.

abaya designs for summer

An absolutely stunning summer design for a lunch. We are in love the cut, the design, the embroidery and above all, the color!

abaya designs for summer

Another soothing color for the eyes! And we adore the stone work done on it!

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