Abaya Designs: Trends in Pakistan

If you are a Muslim girl in Pakistan, trying to look for trends going on in your country, this is right place. We will be discussing the Abaya designs being followed in Pakistan. The designs going on in Pakistan are simple and unique! The trends being followed here all influenced from Arabian designs and styles. Girls in Pakistan have become extremely stylish and conscious about their looks. Even the Abaya style bridal gowns are extremely up to class and fashionable, by just adding embroideries or stone work on it, they become highly chic! You should also check out exclusive designer collections of 2016-17 before buying any new clothes! If you want to look beautiful then follow these fashion tips and check out the pictures below for ideas. They can help transform your entire Abaya look; by just wearing stylish Hijabs you can change the look of the traditional black Burqa.

Pictures for Abaya Designs in Pakistan

abaya designs in pakistan

Mastoor is an Arabian brand that has just opened in Pakistan as well. They cater to Muslim women, and they have amazing Abayas and Hijabs. You should definitely check them out!

abaya designs in pakistan

Here is another example of Mastoor Abayas; this is a more formal look to follow! And we love the black and pink combination.

abaya designs in pakistan

We just had to share this picture because we just LOVE nude colors! It looks so elegant and chic!

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