Abaya Designs Needed For The Winter

When it comes to Abaya Designs for the winters, it suddenly becomes very easy to wear this Islamic dress code, because thankfully, the Abaya does not allow any surpassing of the wind in your clothes. It locks everything down! However, we do want to remain warm in winters as well as look beautiful and stylish! And for that, we have a few awesome tips for you that you can remember when you are buying new Abayas for the cold weather! For young stylish girls, our exclusive tip is to wear thick materials such as velvet, linen and cotton. You should avoid wearing chiffons and silks. We believe classic velvet or plachi is ideal for a fancy wear, and the Abaya dress can look extremely stylish and chic in these materials! Our personal favorite 2016 to 2017 Abaya designer is Junaid Jamshed; his designs our latest and up to date to the modern fashion. At the same time they are highly sophisticated. His collection includes designs and styles of the traditional black Burqa, which isn’t really traditional, for he plays a round with colors and cuts! However each style is unique and beautiful. They have embroideries, stone work, and sequence work done on them as well, which just look absolutely sunning! We would say they are almost as good as the Arabian Abaya!.

Ideas for Abaya Designs in the Winter

abaya designs for winter

Here is an example of a Junaid Jamshed Abaya. It is highly sophisticated and elegant!

abaya designs for winter

We love the solid colors he has used in his Abayas! They are so traditional yet so chic!

abaya designs for winter

Another brilliant Junaid Jamshed design! We bet by know you want to visit his outlet!


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