Abaya Designs: All the Way from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has the biggest clientele of Abayas’ so it is only natural that we receive the best Abaya designs from there. These Abayas can be categorized as exclusive and extremely stylish! There is new talent rising in Saudi Arabia every day, especially when it comes to Abayas. The girls of the modern world understand how progressive 2016 and 2017 fashion is going to be, and they aspire to dress up according to it. They want to look just as beautiful and stylish as everyone else. If you want to be one of them, then you have to keep in touch of the latest Abaya fashion going around, and for that you can keep visiting brilliant designers and their collections! Even if you can’t afford to buy expensive Abayas’ at least you can get ideas of how you can design your own Abayas at home! The traditional form of an Abaya is the black Burqa; however, nowadays women and girls have experimented with it, and modernized it with the help of colors and different cuts and styles. Not only does this keep the black Burqa in fashion, but also helps revamp it! The Arabian Abaya is famous for the beautiful Hijabs it comes from, and some of the stone work done on them is just commendable! Scroll down to see some of the pictures of these Abayas.

Abaya Designs that come from Saudi Arabia:

abaya designs from saudi arabia

Here are three distinct Abaya designs that are available to you all the way from Saudi Arabia! All three are innovative yet highly fashionable.

abaya designs from saudi arabia

Another example of a brilliant Abaya design. This we like to call, the ‘bat wing Abaya.’ We think this design is absolutely sensational.

abaya designs from saudi arabia

This soft satin like Abaya has won our hearts! We love the red color!

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