Stylish Hand Designs for Abayas 2016-17

When it comes to black Burqa style Abayas, then there is only so much design one can make. However, if one was to exaggerate the hands and sleeves of the Abayas, then the look would change drastically. That is what we will be focusing on in this article, how you can make your Abayas look fancier. If you are one of those girls obsessed with the way you look, and you want to be constantly aware of the 2016 and 2017 changing fashion, then here is what we think you should do. A little embroidery on the sleeves would really embellish your entire Burqa look’ you can also play around with sequences, stone work, and of course different hand cuts. Examples of different cuts include, bell sleeves, bat sleeves, closed sleeves. They all tend to change the look of the entire Burqa. One of our favorite designers in this aspect is Junaid Jamshed; his designs are truly awesome and amazing! They are exclusive, latest and his new collection with Hijabs is even better! In this winter, we believe you should be buying at least one of his articles so you look stylish, surpassing everyone else! This simple style is one of our very best tips, and we know for a fact that Arabian Abayas have been following this for a very long time!

Abaya Designs: Focus on the Hand

abaya design for hand

Here is an example of the neat and delicate work done on the arms and sleeves of Junaid Jamshed’s Burqas.

abaya design for hand

This is an example of a simple black Abaya, but is simply making a statement by those red sleeves at the end. Isnt that a simple idea you can very easily execute?

abaya design for hand

This is definitely one of our favorite designs because of the cut! See how the sleeves are different and chic?

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