Latest Abaya Crystal Designs 2016-17

Abaya Crystal Designs

Abaya crystal designs incorporate Swarovski and diamantes as a part of accessory. They are mostly used in bridal gowns and Abaya’s to make it look heavy and exclusive. Every designer launches Abaya crystal designs each year and they tend to use these designs for wedding collection purposes. The modern trends and styles of Abaya are still the same as they have full sleeves and are long in length. Moreover, designers make sure that the new styles are stylish and trendy. Crystal Abaya makes a plain simple black Abaya more interesting as it acts as stylistic element, which makes it look appealing. Crystal design Abaya’s are available in all kinds and type of fabrics like silk, chiffon, acrylic, net etc. and they are also available in variety of colors ranging from darker to lighter shades. Old aged women prefer lighter shades with embellished crystals whereas young girls prefer bright and vibrant shades that can make them look modern and graceful at the same time. Abaya crystals designs is a new innovation that has been added to Abaya trends and styles, it allows a woman to choose Abaya according to their own personal likes and dislikes and they can also modify it the way they want. Many diamantes, crystal laces are available in the market, which can be used by women who don’t have time to get the heavy embroidery or beaded work done or to buy Abaya with crystal design.


Abaya Crystal Design Collection of 2016-2017

Abaya Crystal Designs Abaya Crystal Designs Abaya Crystal Designs