2016 Hijab Styles: Files for the Turkish Fashion

The Hijab styles of 2016 are changing and getting better, is it the same for the Turkish fashion as well? We hope so! When you think of the Turkish Hijab fashion, we bet that you are instantly reminded about Mera Sultan, are we right?! Well the Turkish Hijab fashion is a little more elaborate! They are into long skirts and silk scarves, but at the same time some styles are very graceful and fit for a modern princess! Even their casual Hijabs are so elaborate and beautiful! Their street fashion is some we appreciate the most! Now that the winter is gone, the colorful silk scarves are back! You can find tutorials online that teach you how to tie these scarves and keep them put! We have put pictures of the lasts 2016-17 summer trends the Musilma women in Turkey are following, give them a look! And who knows you might get new ideas for your next Hijab outfit! Best of Luck!

2016 Turkish Fashion Files for Hijab Styles

turkish hijab fashion styles for 2016Well of course apart from the colors we like the cut of the shirt and the different pants worn underneath! If worn correctly, this style could be a perfect formal dinner wear!

turkish hijab fashion styles for 2016

So remember we mentioned the long extravagant skirts? Well this is an example of just that! The skirt is flowy and beautiful the full sleeves blouse is made out net so that means it will allow a lot of air to pass through and hence its best for summer! And this Hijab style is known as the turque style if you like it then you can learn how to tie it through various tutorials!

turkish hijab fashion styles for 2016

Lastly we wanted to post a picture of a fancier Abaya style, this is fit for summer weddings as it is made out of raw silk and chiffon! The fall is commendable, its elegant and highly breathable!


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