2016-17 Sleeve Designs for Abayas

In 2016-17 the Abaya fashion is focused a lot on the sleeves, and how the entire look is designed around them. You will see a lot of experimentation going on, and we are here to help you with it! You can either keep you’re Abaya fancy or simple. If you want to keep it simple, then maybe you can get a plain patch work done on it, or you can just get the sleeves made out of another cloth like velvet etc. On the other hand if you want to make it look flashy, then you can get an intricate embroidery, hand work, stone work or sequence work done on the sleeves. You can also wear complimenting Hijabs or design the Abaya in different styles that compliment the sleeves specially; for example the bat wing design, or the Kaftan design. As a bridal dress, or a Mehendi gown, our personal favorite would be to make the sleeves out of lace, either you can make the entire Abaya out of lace, or just keep it for the sleeves, either way, the look remains gorgeous. These tips are solely based on the latest fashion trends! And they are targeted exclusively at the modern girls! So if you want to look beautiful and stylish, you can keep in mind these recommendations while buying new Abayas for your clothes collection! These fashion trends began from Arabia and they can transform the traditional black Burqa.

Abaya Designs: the Sleeves of 2016-17

abaya hand designs 2016-17

Here is an example of how you can complement the sleeves with the same kind of lace or print you have used within your Abaya.

abaya hand designs 2016-17

For a more plain and simple look, you can keep the entire Abaya black, and just exaggerate the sleeves with a different material like shown above.

abaya hand designs 2016-17

For us, this is a more classy look, because although its simple, it says a lot! We just love lace!

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