2015: New Hijab Styles For your Favourite Look

new hijab styles

Seen a new hijab fashion and don’t know how to style it, well keep reading for step-by-step tutorials on achieving your favorite looks for 2015. As we get new fashion each season, we need new hijab styles to go with them. Whether it’s for casual or occasional wear, ladies are always looking for new styles for their hijab.

We usually come across a picture of a hijab style we like and don’t know how to style it. These days it’s so easy to find a tutorial on a style. If you try them out, you’ll see how easy it is to follow as they do things step-by-step so you won’t be lost.
new hijab styles

Let’s look at what’s new for seasonal collections of hijab styles for 2015

  • Hijab styles for the warm summer months

For summer we like our hijab style to be quite breezy, flowing and loose. Soft fabrics like cottons and chiffons are very good examples of scarf fabrics which will keep you cool in the hot summer months. Use bright and bold colours to add some more colour to the sunny summer days.
new hijab styles

If you have a party to attend in summer, wear a chiffon scarf and creating volume by using layering won’t make you hot at all because of the cool fabric of the scarf. Also using light colours will automatically make you look less flushed in the hot summer months.

new hijab styles

The turban is the greatest new style for summer. Look how cool she looks with a turban. The turban has also evolved dramatically over the years and can now be worn with fancy dress as well.

new hijab styles

Turban style for a fancy dress. This is the newest craze for hijab styles. Adding layers and accessories on your turban styled hijab is guaranteed to turn heads.

new hijab styles

Even in summer we can wear black. Look how stunning she looks in a shimmer dress with a simple style hijab.

  • The ultra – Modern Flowy Summer Hijab Tutorial

new hijab styles

Step 1: Place the scarf on your head with a long end and a short end.

Step 2: Take the long end and pin it to the short end and your undercap.

Step 3: Pull the long end under the short end.

Step 4 and 5: Bring the long end over your head.

Step 6: Grab hold of both ends at their mid-points.

Step 7: Pull them to the back of your head.

Step 8: Secure them with pins.

Steps 9 and 10: Take the short end and bring it over to the opposite side and pin.

Steps 11 and 12: The look is now complete.

It’s autumn and it’s a bit chilly outside so here’s some styles to keep you warm

During autumn I still like to wear my summer hijabs but adding more layers just to keep warm is not a bad idea. Not only are you keeping out the breeze, but also looking stylish while doing it.

new hijab styles

new hijab styles

Its autumn so the weather is not quite settled yet, however you need to keep warm. You can still use your summer hijab by styling it in a front wrap.

This is a very good example of street style for 2015.

Its winter, time to bring out all those pashminas and let the latest maxi hijab style do its thing

In winter we don’t need to complicate our hijab style. Keeping it simple when wearing a printed pashmina is important. The latest trend for winter is wearing a turban style with a knitted scarf or snood. It’s very funky and fashionable.

new hijab stylesnew hijab stylesKeeping it simple and smart in an elaborately printed pashmina in a simple front wrap with tikka. Absolutely stunning.

Spring has sprung and it’s time for those floral prints and pastel scarves.
Spring is the time to pack away all the winter scarves and bring out the fresh colours of spring. Think pastels and calming blue with shades of coral. These are one of many colour trends for hijab styles in 2015.

new hijab stylesA nice flowy dress deserves a flowy hijab.

new hijab styles

Travel in style this 2015 with a casual look and maintaining your inner fashionista in a casual but modern hijab style.

new hijab stylesStep 1: Place the scarf on your head with equal lengths.

Step 2: Bring the ends to the back and cross them over one another.

Step 3: Bring both ends to the front and grab hold of one of them.

Step 4: Take the end and bring it over your head to the opposite side.

Steps 5: Wrap it around your head and tuck in the remaining piece.

Step 6: Grab hold of the other end.

Step 7: Bring it over your head and create a loose bulge.

Step 8: Tuck in the remaining piece, and you’re done.

  • Headpieces with hijab

Headpieces are major hijab accessories. Whether you wear them over or under your scarf, it instantly gives you a modern look. Remember to keep your scarf simple, preferably a solid colour without any prints.

new hijab styles

Headpieces are very on trend at the moment. Look at this stunning piece.

new hijab styles

Look how pretty she looks in a textured plain hijab with a necklace used as a headpiece. Another glamourous look you must try out. You can improvise with a necklace if you don’t have a headpiece.

The most popular hijab style online these days are the Turkish style

This is the most simplest of hijab styles out there. What makes it so versatile is you can take this hijab style from day to night. It can be worn with casual clothes as well as special occasions.

new hijab stylesWearing a trendy coat in winter with a casual Turkish hijab style.


new hijab styles

new hijab styles

Simple and elegant style. Anyone can pull off this look.

I hope this helped you on your way to a new look and new hijab styles for you to try out for 2015. These styles are very trendy and modern and can change any look from simple to smart and casual to formal. Remember, simple can also be classy. Until next time, happy styling.