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Wedding Hijab Styles By Ariefa Parker

Today I bring to you an article with a difference. I have been approached to style hijabs for a wedding this weekend! Weddings are an exciting time for both the couple and families. Many women plan months in advance for their wedding day. Women pay careful attention to their outfit and these days, even their hijab style. There are so many styles to choose from. Simplistic styles are best for an exquisitely detailed outfit. Whereas an intricate hijab style suits a simple dress. I will be taking you through my day of hijab styling for a wedding. Let’s get started.

Wedding hijab styles

Hijab Styling For Nikah

Wedding hijab styles

The first style for my day was for Nikah. The client wanted a front wrap with earrings. Many wear beautiful abayas for Nikah and change into a formal dress for the wedding reception.

Wedding hijab styles


She wore a kaftan with lovely jewelled detail. She had a silky scarf and a glittered one. She also requested a headband which was added in front. This is a view from the side. I added some ruffles and diamante to complete the look.

Wedding hijab styles

The view from the back.

Wedding hijab styles

Here we see the full view with the headband and earrings are worn too.


Wedding Reception Hijab Styles

Wedding hijab styles

For the reception, she wanted a front wrap with side ruffles and no earrings. She also wanted a simpler style and we removed the diamante brooch.

Wedding hijab styles


The sister of the bride wore a navy and nude coloured dress. She wanted a matching scarf style with a front wrap and earrings revealed. She also wanted a side ruffle and this is what I came up with.  She looks so stunning.
Those were all the wedding styling ideas I could share with you. I hope you like it! Hopefully I will be bringing you some more soon, Insha-Allah. Happy styling.

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