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Tutorial Rectangle Turkish Hijab

Rectangle Turkish hijab is another way of wearing a headscarf. Rectangle Turkish hijab is mostly suitable for school going girls, as it is simple and easy to carry. Many new latest fashion collections of 2016-2017 came up with styles that are trendy and fashionable. Women tend to prefer hijabs that can be worn with any kind or styles of dress. They prefer headscarf that is easy to wear and yet make them look elegant. It is a universal fact that women who wear hijab do not wear revealing clothes as that way they would deviate from the entire concept of covering their head with a headscarf. Women who want to look stylish and beautiful prefer to wear recent trends rather than following the sane old trends. Rectangle Turkish hijab can be worn on any dress, like jeans, cardigan, long maxi dress, jersey, silk or cotton kurta, shalwar kameez etc. Styles of hijab mainly depends on the women wearing them as they should know the art of pulling them off and carrying themselves in a very comfortable way. Rectangle Turkish hijab can be made out of any form of material either it can be silk or it can be material like cotton.


Rectangle Turkish Hijab Styles

rectangle turkish hijab

This image shows a very traditional way of covering ones head with a scarf. Women who don’t wear hijab tend to cover their head in this manner whenever they are in the presence of any male not belonging to their immediate family.


rectangle turkish hijab

rectangle turkish hijab
This image shows a very simple and easy tutorials which explains how a woman can achieve this perfect look of covering her head through 9 simple steps.

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