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Turquoise Stone Bohemian Jewelry Designs

Turquoise stone is used frequently in bohemian jewelry designs and they look modish with a combination of brass or leather threads. Turquoise big stone rings are also in trend these days. But before we move onto the turquoise jewelry designs our readers should be well informed about turquoise stones. Turquoise stones used to be very expensive stones but over the years they have been devalued mainly because of imitations and synthetics. It is an opaque colored stone that is found mostly in barren land and this is one of the reasons why bohemians used turquoise more since they used to wander mainly through barren lands and used to gather such stuff on their way. Turquoise stone is a combination of blue and green color and it look ethereal if it is used with silver. Turquoise stones are used in broaches, necklaces, earrings, rings etc. The following images show the use of turquoise stone in jewelry designs and how various new innovations and modifications are added to it over the years.


Sublime Turquoise Bohemian Jewelry

bohemian turquoise jewelryThe image above shows different types and kinds of turquoise stones that are available across the globe. The list includes candelria, number eight, carico lake, blue diamond, kingman, Royston, pilot mountain, morenci and last one is Nevada blue. Each stone has its distinct qualities and shades.

bohemian turquoise jewelry


The image above shows hammered brass cuff with pronged turquoise stone. It looks modish yet elegant and can be paired up with any kinds of clothes. Women should know the difference between imitated and original turquoise and the easiest way is to determine it through the price, as turquoise cannot come in cheap prices it has to be expensive. Cheap and reasonable turquoise jewelry means that it is imitated.

bohemian turquoise jewelry

Turquoise stones with classic silver looks ethereal and exclusive. Such combinations were common in ancient times where people were fond of sterling silver and that was the only material, which was easily accessible.

bohemian turquoise jewelry

More on Boho Turquoise

bohemian turquoise jewelry

Elegant and radiant barefoot anklets that are a must have this season. Grab yours before summers end as this trend is for summers. Flaunt your feet with such essentials and funky nail colors. You are good to go!

bohemian turquoise jewelry

Gold and turquoise bangles look exclusive and fashionable. They can be worn with traditional and ethnic clothes. Gold jewelry is mostly worn with formal dresses on formal events and occasions like weddings.

bohemian turquoise jewelrybohemian turquoise jewelry


Drop shoulder shirts are in trend these days and women can avail this opportunity to wear turquoise beaded stone necklace with it. It will make their simple shirts look classy and denim jeans are a must with this look.

bohemian turquoise jewelry

bohemian turquoise jewelry

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