Simple Neck Designs For Dress With Borders

Neck designs for dress with borders is our feature for today. I wasn’t particularly excited to write on this topic as I normally find it quite difficult to find inspiration for neck designs. However, I got so many designs for you I had to stop myself before it got out-of-hand. There were literally hundreds of neck designs floating around on the internet and when I had to stop myself, this was when I got some nice fully covered neck designs which were hijab friendly. I recently don’t like wearing the turban hijab style if my neck is too open. I like having a high neckline and wearing a turban.

Neck Designs For Dress

Now, when making a dress, you always look for new designs. Often the neckline is something which we don’t pay much attention to. We simply tell the dressmaker to cut a round or square neck which is quite boring. we focus on the actual design of the dress than the neck design. I have found some amazing dress designs below where the neck design is the show stopper. I promise you would love to see the design and won’t be disappointed. So, I would advise you to stay where you are and wait to see what I have to share with you. Oh and before I forget, we have loads of neck design articles here, for viewing.

Everyday Neck Design For Dress

relaunch-yourself-in-new-look-by-salwarsuit-neck-designs-that-is-uniquely-beautified-with-laces-and-cut-work-border-to-make-it-extra-special-hypfiv1027 neck designs for dress with borders

These are the typical neck designs we find on our everyday clothing. It’s very simple and not very eye-catching, but if you have a detailed dress, you might consider a simple neckline.

Modest Neckline For Dress

stunning-black-brasso-zari-work-palazzo-salwar-suit-7325-800x1100 navy-blue-pakistani-long-salwar-kameez-for-party-wear-a15634-545 orange-beautiful-neck-designs-salwar-kameez-ptd-93603 neck designs for dress with borders 1eqz-shoponbit-new-wedding-wear-with-embroidered-blouse-designer-saree-bollywood-sarees-by-shoponbit-online-shopping-for-sarees-by-shoponbit_500x500_1 neck designs for dress with borders

I’m sure you would agree that these¬† necklines are perfect for Muslim ladies to wear. Many of the pictures I share with you might not be completely modest but there are elements in them which you can use to get ideas on making your prefect dress design. I normally search for hours and in the end, I combine the different elements from the designs which I like and use them for one complete dress.

Modern Neck Designs For Special Occasions

This is it girls! I have been waiting eagerly to share these neck designs with you. By now you should know that I love the exquisite designs with that wow factor and these are it.

neck designs for dress with borders

This is the simplest fancy neck design which I found.


I love this boat neck design.


I can see my sister in this outfit but I would definitely wear the headchain, she wouldn’t.

neck designs for dress with borders

Here we go… isn’t that amazing! I want it right now! Let me know what you think of these designs.

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