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Stunning Wedding Hijabs Designs

Hello ladies! Yes, it’s finally time to look at wedding hijab styles. I love looking at wedding hijabs, they are so beautiful and creative. Unfortunately, I hardly see any over-the-top hijab styles face-to-face, as many brides aren’t that daring and prefer a simple style. I don’t particularly like attending weddings, I only enjoy the dressing up part (don’t we all!). This might sound a bit weird, but when instrumentals are played, instead of songs I get super bored. This is usually when I look at what everyone else is wearing and get ideas for my next dress design for future occasions.

wedding hijabs

Muslim Indian weddings are quite lengthy. The religious ceremony is quite short in comparison to the cultural one. Indians love doing things big. Weddings are left incomplete without the one week run-up of family gatherings which always ends with eating, eating and more EATING! Oh, did I mention, I’m Indian, so I know all about it. But, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy all the festivities and of course all the dressing up that goes with it!


wedding hijabs


A lot of planning goes into your wedding outfit. Many girls plan weeks in advance to get the perfect dress for a wedding, including me. I always struggle to find a dress with sleeves. Finding a modern dress in the latest style is easy. I always find dresses at a retail store which are ready to wear. You can decide whether you want to sew sleeves onto your dress or the easier option is to wear an under top. My relation to the bride or groom influences the effort I put into my outfit. So, if it’s distant family, I would buy a ready to wear dress and if it’s immediate family, I would design a dress and have it made, or wear traditional Indian clothing, ha-ha!

Let me pause for a moment and enlighten you on our previous articles which relate to this one. Hijabiworld has a series of articles on wedding hijab styles. You can find the article on bridal hijab style. As well as wedding hijab styles.

Another great find for brides who love online shopping, is The Muslim Bride. It’s a website for online events planning and a shopping guide. They even provide bridal hijab tutorials and there’s a brilliant DIY on how to make a hijab chain and bobble tassel by BubbleGum hijab, a UK based YouTuber. See the image below on the tutorial style and click on the link provided to start creating your hijab chain!

wedding hijabsHijab Measurements, a Topic Which is Seldom Discussed

Hijabs are available in different lengths and depending on your personal style and taste, you would stick to the length you like. I personally wear maxi hijabs, since I have a larger frame and short scarves look a bit like a lollipop wrapper around my face! Ha-ha! That is a pretty good description, even if I must say so myself. I think the smaller scarves are made for the smaller or thinner face and the maxi scarves are better suited for the fuller face. Also, the length you wear depends on the coverage you are looking for. I don’t like a scarf to hang over my entire top and cover all the detail. Some girls like this style, so it really depends on you. If you are interested in creating your own scarf, then do check out this site.

I might try it out too, since it requires beginner sewing and I can sew! Yes, I taught myself to sew, just beginner stuff, like hemming my abayas, ha-ha!

Shumsie’s Bridal Wedding Hijabs Style

I’ve always admired this style of hijab, as I love trying out styles which look challenging. These styles look quite intricate, so don’t be fooled. It takes lots of time, patience and perseverance to perfect the art of hijab styling. I have tried many of these styles before and wore them for special occasions. Let’s look at Shumsie’s beautiful hijab styling techniques for brides.

wedding hijabsMany brides wear white on their wedding day. Some break the white with a colour and red is always the go to colour for brides. This is a simple hijab style for the modern bride.
wedding hijabsOHMYGOSH!!! The glittered veil… I never saw this before and I quite like it. This is a style many girls would love. It breaks away from the traditional puffy wedding dress. Here are close-ups of the hijab style so you can have a close look.
wedding hijabs

Ooh la laa! This is just so pretty. I love it! It’s classy and very elegant, it’s just perfect. I would never take it off!!! Ha-ha! Okay, maybe I took that a bit too far, but just imagine…

wedding hijabs

A very simple styled dress with a simple bridal hijab. Perfect for those who like the simplistic approach. I know… not everyone likes to be bling like me!

wedding hijabs

Shumsie made this hijab accessory to match with the beading on the dress and she did an awesome job, don’t you think?

wedding hijabs

I love seeing neatly styled hijab, it shows you take pride in the way you look. But of course, the messy hijab is a style too! Here we see 4 different hijab styles. Let’s see if you can name them in the comment box below (wink!)

wedding hijabs

Uhm, I think it’s a bit too big at the back… sorry, just my thoughts. I do like it, it just had to be a bit smaller at the back. Nice head accessory too.

Brides in Hijab

wedding hijabs

Traditional indian wear with a beautiful ruffled hijab style. The great advantage of wearing an indian outfit is you can use the detailed matching dupatta for your hijab and everything will match perfectly. You will also automatically have embellishments on your hijab, since the dupatta has detail on it. But, of course, you can always add your tikka, jhumar and matching earring set.

wedding hijabswedding hijabs

The most simplistic Indian wedding style I’ve ever seen! I didn’t think it would be possible… anyhow, it’s still beautiful. I want a nose ring… I’m so random… forgive me(sigh!)

wedding hijabs

wedding hijabsThis style looks a bit like there’s a bouquet on her head. I see that’s the trend these days. Do you like it? Let me know below…Shehreen hijab makes ready made hijabs for brides, do contact her for futher details.
wedding hijabs

A stunning Turkish hijab style.

wedding hijabswedding hijabs

The indonesian bride, looking very beautiful!
Shew! By now you are either inspired or confused as to which style you would prefer. There are loads of options to choose from, so you shouldn’t feel restricted. Many brides think there’s not much they can do with their headgear for their wedding day. So, they wear a normal front wrap with a viel. I like to style my hijab, you should take pride in your hijab style, as you do with the rest of your outift. It just completes your look. Do let me know which style you chose in the comment box below. PS, don’t forget to mail my invitation…just joking!.

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