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The New & Trendy Abaya

As every year brings in new fashion and trends along with it so does the year 2016-17 bring in new and trendy Abaya style. Now many amendments have been to the traditional style of Abaya how it previously used to be plain black with a medium flare. Now Ladies who wear Abaya they don’t want to lack behind surely they want to follow all the new styles and fashion trends for the fall. Every year brings new fashion trends with it and same is the case with 2016-17 be it playing with colors or cuts. Exclusive Abaya Boutiques are now made from where you choose your favorite pieces and also get a customized Abaya made for you. These stores have all the accessories that are required such as hijab Abaya pins and broches. Firstly Abaya were mostly worn in the color black but not anymore, now they are made in various colors and prints also. Simple Abaya is for day to day life and embellished Jilbab are specially designed for special events and occasions such as weddings, birthdays, parties. For all those who have an issue in how to wrap a hijab can look online for tutorials they prove to be very helpful. So beautiful ladies now you have got all the latest style hacks now all you need is a new trendy Abaya to rock the world.


Rock The World With New Trendy Abaya

new trendy abaya

This Abaya is surely east meets west as we can see the Abaya has less flare but is draped in a unique manner and this green net kimono on top gives it a look that makes it look a class apart.

new trendy abaya


This image shows a variety of Abaya although all of them are black but with the use of accessories and different colors added to them they look gorgeous.

new trendy abaya

This image shows a white Abaya with a round neckline and embellished flared sleeves and the scarf is wrapped like a turban.


new trendy abaya

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