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New funky and Fashionable Hijab Styles For Every occasion

As-salaamu-alaikum beauties! Fashionable hijab styles are the talk of town and we thought, why not update our styles, since the year is slowly drawing to a close and we all know what that means… it’s PARTY TIME!!! Yes, our social lives can get kinda hectic at the end of year and you always want to look great when attending these special occasions. We know that you would attend a casual, formal, fancy and anything-goes occasions at the end of the year, so we have catered for all these scenarios. Many times you might be hanging out with the same crowd of people, so you always want to look modern and trendy. There are so many different ways to wear your scarf. A little twist here and a few folds here and there and voila! You’ve just created a new way to wrap your scarf. There are countless tutorials available online too, so you shouldn’t feel discouraged or over-whelmed at all.

fashionable hijab styles

There will always be a gathering where the most appropriate outfit is an abaya. The abaya is the Muslim dress code of choice. You can find inspiration on styling your hijabs for abaya, below. These styles have Arab influence and are truly beautiful.
For those who are more on the adventurous side, where fashion is concerned, we have runway looks too. You should really check out those hijabs. They take styling to the next level. Not that I’ll wear the styles, but I just appreciate their art of styling, it’s quite dramatic.


Hijabiworld Brings You Fashionable Hijab Styles

Yes, we have so many styles for you. There are styles for dresses, casual outfits, formal office wear, bridal styles which also give you many ideas. If you haven’t seen our previous article how to wear fashionable hijab.
I also stumbled upon a website which focuses solely on hijab styles. Yes! I never thought it was possible. They have many articles on different styles, so have a look there as well.

Hijab Fashion For Dresses

Styling your hijab for a dress can become tricky. Firstly, you need to decide if the look you’re going for is casual or formal. You wouldn’t want to look over-dressed for a casual occasion and under-dressed for formal/fancy one. So, if it’s casual, you’d wear a simple plain dress with a simple styled hijab. Don’t wear a fancy jewelled headpiece, which would not be honouring the dress code! If it’s a fancy occasion, like a wedding, you’d want to put more effort in your hijab style. Try a combination of styles. For example, wear a front wrap with a side ruffle and a head chain or wear a criss cross turban style with earrings and a ruffle at the back. I do find that sometimes the turban style doesn’t suit the style of all dresses. Sometimes, the front wrap looks more elegant.

fashionable hijab styles

When I saw this dress for the first time, my jaw dropped. It’s so stunning and I immediately thought this would be perfect for Eid-ul-Adha. Yes, Eid is a week away and I don’t have an outfit yet… Are you sorted for Eid? Let me know in the comment box below. I love the simple style of the dress and how the scarf matches the border of the dress. A light colour with a black border always pops.

fashionable hijab styles

Another great pink and black colour combination. I think this is definitely going to be my next colour combination when designing a dress. What do you think? Here she has a twisted hijab style with a rose detailed headband. It looks very complicated but it’s actually quite simple. You take your black and pink ends and twist them together, like a twisted doughnut…wait, YUM!!! Okay, just got distracted there, sorry! And then you place it above your head and add the headband.

fashionable hijab styles

A simple styled dress with paint splattered prints. I love the arty look. She wears it with a flowy hijab style. Getting back to what I said earlier… the hijab style suits the style of the dress. Since the dress is a soft flowy style, the scarf she used is soft and the style is flowy and they work great together.

fashionable hijab styles

Wow! I thought I wear a lot of bangles, that’s a bit hectic! But I like it, its’ bold and beautiful and definitely makes a fashion statement. Here she wears a maxi scarf with a floral print stretching across the scarf. A loose front wrap to show off the earrings.

Fashionable Runway Hijab Styles

Runway styles are known for their daring and over-the-top styles. I know for a fact I would never wear these styles, but I love seeing what looks they come up with. It always gives me ideas for a new style to try out.

fashionable hijab styles

This is actually a simple style, if you remove the enormous flower from her head. I like the silk blouse and the colour combination. This look can be worn to a dress up party which is themed as Spring Day. For that specific theme, the flower on the scarf is perfect.

fashionable hijab styles

This is a gypsy look. I would wear each item of clothing, but as separate pieces, not together. The hijab style is very confusing. It looks like a ninja scarf forms the base. Then she placed an under cap at a slant, to create the criss cross look. She then knotted a satin grey-green scarf behind the knotted green georgette scarf.

Different Scarf Styles and Ways of Wearing Them

fashionable hijab styles

An absolutely gorgeous head chain worn with a gold shimmer scarf. When wearing a bold head chain, you don’t need to go through much effort with the scarf style. A simple front wrap can do the trick to.

fashionable hijab styles

Many girls love to wear the flower scrunchie to create volume behind their head. One thing I would like to point out it, if you do wear the scrunchie, make sure your scarf is wide enough to accommodate for the extra area to be covered. If your scrunchie is too big, your neck would be open at the back and that is undesirable.

fashionable hijab styles

The front wrap with a turban style is a great casual look.

fashionable hijab stylesfashionable hijab styles

A lovely turban style with faux fur and a grey skirt.

New Abaya Styles With Matching Hijab Styles

fashionable hijab styles

This is a very modern styled abaya with Aladdin styled pants and pump heels. I like this style, but I have my doubts on whether it would be practical to wear as an abaya or as a fashionable outfit instead.

fashionable hijab stylesfashionable hijab styles

This was so informative and inspiring. I can’t wait to try out these fashionable hijab styles. Happy styling.

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