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Never Seen Before, Turkish Hijab For Dresses

As-salaamu-alaikum ladies! I’m so excited to have a look at the Turkish hijab style, especially since we’ll be looking at the style for dresses. Whenever I research dress styles, I think I’ve seen it all… until I saw the Turkish dress fashion. I must say, their style is quite simple but that doesn’t mean it can’t look fancy too. The Turkish bridal gowns are simply beautiful. Their hijab style will be quite simple, with an exquisitely jewelled headpiece. Their simple dress design is very flattering for any body shape. An A-line dress always flatters any figure. They are especially fond of the tailored, made-to-fit look. Each garment fits your body like it was made for you. You will see what I mean by the images provided below. I was very impressed with the fit if their clothing.


Muslim women in Turkey can shop online for the latest Turkish dress fashion. They have lovely Islamic abaya dresses too. The Turkish hijabs most commonly worn by Turkish women are silk square scarves and satin rectangle scarves. The satin scarves are very popular in Turkish hijab fashion. They have interesting finishes on the two ends of the scarf. You’ll either find a beaded edging or embroidered and beaded border. The choice is yours. The Turkish hijab style is quite simple and styling it is very easy. I have provided a tutorial below. The basic look is to have a point at the top of your forehead, with a bit of the under scarf showing. This style is great for square face shapes, as it elongates the face.

Hijabiworld Brings You The Turkish Hijab Dresses Fashion For 2015

Yeah girls, where have you been? We have another article in the same category, a girl can never have enough inspiration. So, do check it out. We have the latest Turkish hijab dresses in fashion for 2015 .

Mode Hijab Fashion Blog Keeps You Updated

Yep, you read correctly. This blog has a collection of Turkish fashion which includes dress fashion, hijab tutorials, Turkish abaya fashion and more. Do check it out and if you can translate for me, please do! The website is in another language, but you can still get inspired by the imagery. Here’s the link.

Bridal Hijab Fashion Turkey

I think, let’s start off with a bang! So, I’ll be showing you the simplistic bridal styles. Many prefer the simple style, so I made it the focus for today. We’re keeping it stylish, elegant and simple. The way you like it. Do comment in the box below and let me know what your thoughts on these lovely styles are.

turkish dresses for hijab

Okay, like WOW! The petal design at the bottom of the dress is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! The pale blue and champagne colour combination is simple elegance. The hijab style is a front wrap with a lovely side ruffle with neat folds at the back. This is to match the folds of the dress. This is definitely a well thought out outfit.

turkish dresses for hijab

A very different take on the traditional bridal gown. This is a vintage styled dress which I know many girls would be gaga over. This is great for girls with the slim waistline and slender shoulders. The puffed sleeves are high fashion. Vintage styles are known for their pretty small flowers and tiny buttoned details. Note the plaited fabric on the waistline. Here we see a simple Turkish hijab with a silk veil.

turkish dresses for hijab

Most brides love to wear red. Here is a simple dress design with simple front wrap and the exquisite headpiece I spoke of earlier. It’s so stunning, don’t you agree?

Simple, Everyday Turkish Dress Fashion With Hijab

turkish dresses for hijab

Girls love prints, it’s a fact, I would know… I love intricate prints with beautiful colours. This maxi dress is perfect, for me. It has long sleeves and a high neck which is perfect and keeping it Islamic.

turkish dresses for hijab

A soft pink dress with a thin waist belt and sky blue square hand bag.  The matching sky blue satin scarf compliments this look.

turkish dresses for hijab

Wow, a stunning motif which resembles peacock feathers, very exotic. This dress is made to fit and this is what I’ve been speaking about earlier too.

turkish dresses for hijab

A simple sky blue lace dress for an afternoon party.

turkish dresses for hijab

This is very smart and stylish. It’s a navy blue coat dress with a hoody. During winter, fashion can become quite boring. Many of us have countless coats, but there aren’t much unique designs to choose from. This, however, is the game changer. It’s definitely a winter must-have.

turkish dresses for hijab

Ohmyword! The bodycon dress which is actually wearable. The reason for me saying this is, the bodycon is a tightfitting dress. However, this fit is loose and perfect for Muslim women. The sequins make this dress so stylish and glamourous.

turkish dresses for hijab

A simple style for a casual day out. Cut-out detail is very trendy at the moment and brings shape to your body.

turkish dresses for hijab

The chiffon dress is a must-have style in any girls’ wardrobe. I have about 3 in my closet. I absolutely love chiffon. Do you love the style too? How many chiffon dresses do you have? Comment below.

turkish dresses for hijab

A navy blue and white colour combination. Lace is widely worn all around the world. It’s a favourite among ladies, as a bit of lace on any part of your outfit instantly makes you look dressed up.

turkish dresses for hijab

I still need a gold figure belt! I LOVE THEM!!! Any ideas where I could buy one? Let me know in the comment box below, pretty, pretty please… with a cheery on top! Ha-ha!

turkish dresses for hijab

turkish dresses for hijab

Coral is a lovely colour and I’ve seen this colour on fancy dresses quite often. I had one made for myself. It was a coral, red and cream combination. Perfect for summer weddings. I especially like the bow detail at the back. Maybe the bow is a bit too big. What do you think?

Turkish Hijab Tutorial

turkish dresses for hijab

Step 1: Place the scarf on your head and create a point.

Step 2: Take your pin.

Step 3: Fold in at the side and pin.

Step 4: Bring the end to the opposite side, beneath the other.

Step 5: Wrap it around your neck.

Step 6: Grab the other end.

Step 7: Bring it to the top of your head.

Step 8: Pin down.

Step 9: The complete look.

Turkish Hijab Video Tutorial

turkish dresses for hijab

Okay girls, I am so confused as to which Turkish hijab dress I prefer. It will definitely be a struggle to choose one style out of all those lovely possibilities.
I hope you enjoyed this informative article on the Turkish style. Let’s see what’s installed next. Hope to see you soon, happy styling.

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