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Rustic and Modern Bohemian Jewelry Ideas

Rustic and modern bohemian jewelry represents the jewelry pieces that are derived from rural places yet they are modern because of the modifications designers have added to them or it could be that they are old designs that are still famous and in trend these days. Rustic modern jewelry is something everyone owns. Women who are curious to know what kind of designs is modern they can refer to the previous article on modern bohemian jewelry. It will enable you girls to grasp the difference between the two with ease and perfection. The following designs show rustic and modern bohemian jewelry collection that women can find at various designer jewelry shops.

Old Rustic yet Modern Bohemian Jewelry Designs

modern and rustic bohemian jewelry

Rough diamond and freshwater pearl sterling silver engagement ring, the idea is very unique and reminds us of old bohemian rustic jewelry. It can be worn with normal casual attires and will compliment any kind of color but women should wear matching jewelry with it so that they create a balanced look. Women can also go for similar design but in a more refined way if they don’t like rough edges.

modern and rustic bohemian jewelrymodern and rustic bohemian jewelry


Turquoise and gold cuff bracelets would look nice for a perfect bohemian look. It looks nice with balloon shirts and ripped denim jeans. Women can pair such cuff bracelets with similar looking gold and turquoise jewelry so that everything fits in perfectly.

modern and rustic bohemian jewelry

Typical bohemian tassle necklaces are in trend for all times to common. Women can create their own tassle jewelry through DIY tutorials.

modern and rustic bohemian jewelry

The image above sums up all the essentials one must have to create a perfect bohemian look. The color brown represents and compliments bohemian society and its people. It is different and can be worn mostly in western parts of the world.

modern and rustic bohemian jewelry

The image above shows rustic hammered copper chandelier earrings with blue stones. Such earrings would look trendy with white cotton shirts and blue skinny jeans. Women can create similar looking earrings at home. Rustic jewelry gives off a very tribal and old sort of a look hence one can call it as a vintage jewelry.


Want More on Rustic and Modern Bohemina Jewelry? Then Here You Go

modern and rustic bohemian jewelry

modern and rustic bohemian jewelry

Beautiful and exquisite representation of bohemian rustic rings is quite modern. Unlike old bohemian rings the designers use polished and shaped stones to create a smooth finished outlook as people these days hardly prefer raw jewelry as they wish to flaunt their stones amongst their peers and other members at various family gatherings.

modern and rustic bohemian jewelry

This image sort of sums up all jewelry ornaments that women should have if they are crazy about bohemian jewelry. They should go for stones jewelry with heavy chains and beads. Bohemian jewelry is for all times to come and if anyone needs more information on bohemian jewelry they can refer to other similar articles which explicitly explains all the various and distinct characteristics of bohemian jewelry.

modern and rustic bohemian jewelry


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