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Modern And Beautiful Hijab Styles For 2015

Girls are always looking for hijab styles which are trendy, yet beautiful. There are many different styles which accompany different outfits.

The latest hijab styles for beautiful dresses

beautiful hijab styles

School girls are often looking for modern hijab styles for their matric balls. Here is a great look.



beautiful hijab styles

If you have a detailed bodice, you want to keep the hijab style simple and elegant. The Turkish hijab style is perfect for this look. The neutral palette is given a subtle lift with a touch of gold.

beautiful hijab styles

Another beautiful dress with a Turkish hijab style. I love the fabric of the dress. It has stripes of glitter on it and she teamed it with a silky maxi scarf. This is the latest style for 2015.

beautiful hijab styles

If you’re seriously looking to make a statement with your outfit, wear two contrasting colours. She’s wearing a black tulle maxi skirt with a champagne coloured top. Instead of wearing a champagne coloured scarf, which would be predictable, she wore a black one instead.

Kaftans With Beautiful Hijab Styles To Match

beautiful hijab styles

If you love wearing kaftans, then you’ll absolutely love this look. The twisted back hijab style is another statement style for a smart outfit. Even though the hijab is styled differently, your eye still falls on the beautiful border of the kaftan. So here’s a good example on how to draw attention to a specific part of your outfit. If you wanted to draw attention to your hijab style, you could’ve added a headpiece.

beautiful hijab styles

Another example of how contrasting colours can bring an outfit to life. Incorporating the style of your outfit into your hijab is always a good choice. Here she used a beige pashmina.

Some trendy looks for school girls

beautiful hijab styles

If you love street style, then this look is for you. The infinity/loop hijab is smartly used under the cap.

beautiful hijab styles

The edgy look is quite popular amongst school girls and this skull print hijab is right on trend.

beautiful hijab styles

Notice how she incorporated the same fabric of her pants into her hijab style. This is a turban style with a twist.

beautiful hijab styles

This is the most popular look for the summer season. Pastels are always extremely liked by girls. Look how she matched her pale blue pants with a pale blue scarf.

beautiful hijab styles

Using different textured undercaps will automatically transform your outfit.

beautiful hijab styles

Using different textured scarves are a major trend for 2015. Look how beautiful she looks with this crochet scarf with earrings.

Here’s a Quick Hijab Tutorial To Get You Started
beautiful hijab styles

Step 1: Place the scarf on your head with one short and one long end. Pin them

            onto your undercap.

Step 2: Grab hold of the long end.

Step 3: Bring it over your head.

Steps 4 and 5: Create a loop and pin down.

Step 6: The look is now complete

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the beautiful hijab styles for 2015. I can’t wait to try them out, hope you feel the same. Happy styling.

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