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Latest & Modern Abaya Collection in Bangladesh

Abaya collection in Bangladesh would be different from other collections that are being followed across the globe. Preferences of women in terms of Abaya differ from each other, however; no matter what kind of Abaya they want the length of Abaya would be the same i.e. long and the sleeves would be always full sleeves. Even the latest and modern Abaya collections keep this Islamic principle in mind, as they know the exact reason why women wear Abaya and what religious connotations and reasons are involved with it. Moreover, the new stylish designs make sure that it targets population at large. Since not only women but young girls also wear hijab and Abaya hence the designs should be made in a way, which can be worn by anyone. Moreover, the Abaya collection in Bangladesh is also in line with traditional and Islamic perspective of wearing Abaya i.e. to make a woman look modest and decent in front of people especially men. Abaya collection in Bangladesh also sticks to the original color of Abaya i.e. black. However, women often accessorize their Abaya with stuff like embroidery, diamantes, broaches etc.

Stylish Abaya Collection in Bangladesh

Abaya Collection in Bangladesh

This image shows a woman wearing a turban style hijab, which is quite famous in Dubai.


Abaya Collection in Bangladesh

This image shows a very chic and trendy way of wearing hijab, it is covered with a beaded broach which makes it look formal and different.

Abaya Collection in Bangladesh

This image shows a woman wearing a three-tone scarf or hijab. The scarf is very different and unique and can be said to have inspired from shaded dresses that are very much common these days.

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