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Latest Indian Bridesmaid Dresses Designs 2017

  • Indian Bridesmaid Dresses Designs Collection 2017

Okay, so this is probably the first time I am writing on Indian bridesmaid dresses for 2017. In the Indian culture, the bridesmaids wear eastern clothing, so does the bride. I have featured many Indian bridal dresses for ideas for brides to look through. I have noticed that the Indian bridesmaids would typically wear a sari, so most of my collection features different sari styles. They might not be covered but use them as ideas and we can modify them to suit the Islamic dresscode. I saw an interesting find, where the bridesmaids were wearing red and gold saris. I thought it to be odd, as this is the colour worn by the bride. However, the bride wore a contrasting colour to stand out of the crowd. Talking about crowds, why are the Indian bridesmaid groups so large? I can’t imagine the costs of all those saris for the entire group. I was quite surprised to see a bridesmaid group of up to 10 people. Oh wait, I just searched and found a previous article on Hijabs for Bridesmaids, click here for the link. A bridesmaids hijab style is as important as the dress. I love the flowy hijab style with chiffon fabric and a headchain would be an absolute must.

  • Bridesmaid Dress Designs For Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are very fancy and the bridesmaid dresses are fancy too. In a western wedding, the bridesmaids would wear simple dresses but in an Indian wedding the bridesmaids would wear fancy saris or punjabs. I even saw to bridesmaid who looked as elaborate as the bride. I think having 2 fancy bridesmaids are good, instead of 10 simple styled bridesmaids.

Let’s have a look at some designs.

  • Indian Bridesmaid Dresses For 2017

I would love to see Indian bridesmaids in these outfits here in Cape Town. It would look amazing. However, for the Indian culture in Cape Town, the bridesmaids where the saris for the Nikah, as well as the brides. Then, for the reception, they wear the white western dresses and the bridesmaids wear the western dresses as well. Normally, if you buy outfits in bulk, which would be the case when buying for bridesmaids, you would get a massive discount. Yes, we all know how much we love discounts. Anyways, let’s get to the designs shall we.

  • Images of Bridesmaid Dresses

indian bridesmaid dresses 2017 indian bridesmaid dresses 2017 indian-wedding-pink-lehenga-sherwani-sera-hotel-irvine-dupatta-global-photography-kunal-shveta-groom-dulha-bridesmaids-umbrellas indian bridesmaid dresses 2017 indian bridesmaid dresses 2017 indian-wedding-photographer-ceremony-durham-nc-13 indian bridesmaid dresses 2017 indian bridesmaid dresses 2017 indian bridesmaid dresses 2017 indian bridesmaid dresses 2017 indian bridesmaid dresses 2017

indian bridesmaid dresses 2017

indian bridesmaid dresses 2017 indian bridesmaid dresses 2017

I hope you liked my collection.

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