Latest Different Eid collection Charizma 2017-2018

Latest Different Eid Designs Collection Charizma 2017-2018

Charizma Eid collection for 2017 is finally here and ready for us to search through. Ladies have been eagerly awaiting the latest designs from Charizma for Eid and it is finally here. There are literally loads of Pakistani designers entering the local and international market and it is great to see their growth in their designs. I have  to admit that there are no Pakistani boutiques in Cape Town. But that is okay, that’s why I love searching through the online stores and they too have sales which is great! I was speaking about the Pakistani designers entering the market but their are established ones too, take Asim Jofa for example. Catch his latest Eid designs and collections here.

Charizma Eid Collection

Charizma was founded in 1985 by Muhammad Riaz, and he started the journey in the name of Riaz Arts. It all started in Lahore  when Muhammad Riaz instilled in the employees a vision to produce the best quality fabric to suit the customer’s needs. Initially focusing at the wholesale market, the company began capturing local markets in Pakistan and eventually reaching to customers internationally.

House of Charizma Eid collection

The House of Charizma Eid collection is something truly unique and different. I would like to do a talk through with the designs and see what you think of it.

Images of Charizma Eid Collection for 2017

eid collection charizma 2017

I decided to start with my favourite design first. I love the colour combination. The cream caramel with red. The button-down detail on the side of the pants with pearls is the latest trend in Pakistani fashion. I have seen these pearls being used on the Hijabeaze scarves and if you need a scarf  for this outfit, I would suggest purchasing one there.

eid collection charizma 2017

Wow! I love these colour combinations. We all know my love for purple. I still want to buy a purple and yellow combination eastern outfit. Here we see the pearl detail along the pants once again. I love here shoe too.

eid collection charizma 2017

Wow, the embroidery work on this outfit is so beautiful. What do you think? Let me know below and share your styles too.

Charizma Eid Collection For Mature Women

Pakistani clothing is mostly purchased by mature women cos essentially, they are the ones who are more financially able to purchase new outfits all the time. Here is a collection especially for you.

eid collection charizma 2017 eid collection charizma 2017 eid collection charizma 2017 eid collection charizma 2017 eid collection charizma 2017 eid collection charizma 2017 eid collection charizma 2017

Charizma Designs for Young Girls For Eid

I love this red outfit.

eid collection charizma 2017

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