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Latest Armine: Hijab Fashion Style

Armine Hijab fashion has new trends and styles to follow in 2016-2017. There are various kinds and style of hijabs or headscarf. The first kind is that of a square scarf which is commonly worn by Muslim women and girls as a part of their Islamic clothing. It just covers the head and the neck, the face is clear. The second type is that of Khimar, which is the long cape like scarf that is around the head and is pinned and tucked at the shoulders. The third kind is chador that covers the entire female body. Fourth one is niqab that is the covering of the face, only eyes are visible. Fifth one is burqa, which covers the entire body including the face. However, now over the years transition has occurred which introduced many new ways of taking Hijab. Many fashion collection of Abaya’s tend to have these three kinds of Hijab. Often these kinds of hijabs are paired with evening gowns with full sleeves worn by women at formal events and occasions. Women who don’t know how to take a certain for of Abaya can take help from various tutorials available online which can help them follow armine hijab fashion.

Armine: Hijab Fashion 2016

hijab fashion armine

This image shows a woman wearing a printed silk hijab on a long coat, which is suitable for seasons like winters.

hijab fashion armine

In the image above a woman has paired up her scarf with the colors of her dress to create a balance and rhythm in her look.

hijab fashion armine