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Latest Al Karam Abaya Collection

As years pass by, trends change, and many new trends and styles of wearing Abaya are introduced, for instance Al Karam Abaya Collection. Many exclusive designs focus on how women can manage to look different every day with a slight change in the way they wear Hijab or Abaya everyday. Al Karam Abaya collection of 2016-2017 is a perfect blend of modernity and grace. Abaya collection is beautifully adorned with royal eastern themes, colors, and embroidery on high quality fabric. Al Karam Collection gives a very basic idea related to how women can follow Islamic tradition on various occasions. Many embroidery styles are very stylish and most of them are hand made, which makes it distinct and unique. Even though Al Karam Abaya collection focuses on adding variations to various styles and trends of Abaya, it still somehow manages to focus that the sleeves of Abaya are full sleeves and it is long in length yet it should manage to look trendy and should be different from the typical Abaya style that has buttons in the front. Al Karam Abaya Collection is for all age groups.


Al Karam Abaya Collection Designs

Al Karam Abaya Collection

This image shows a woman wearing a pleated Abaya, with patchwork on the neckline of Abaya.

Al Karam Abaya Collection

This image again shows a woman wearing a jump suit style Abaya. The Abaya is printed which looks quite trendy and funky.

Al Karam Abaya Collection

A very funky and cool way of wearing Abaya, with a tussled hijab.

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