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Latest Abaya Collection in Sri Lanka

Every country has Muslim population, it might not be in majority but minority is always a part of countries hence Abaya collections are launched everywhere for Muslim women even in countries like Sri Lanka. Many famous and known designers introduced the latest Abaya collection 2016-2017 in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a country where Muslim population is increasing day by day therefore the target market of many designers is that of Muslims. Hence they have to come up with Islamic clothing latest collections and therefore; they are utilizing dresses like Abaya and Hijab in their collection.  Many new modern latest styles and designs are very stylish. The Abaya collection of Sri Lanka is very trendy as it incorporates not only the color black but many other colors as well. Abaya traditionally is black in color and has buttons in front. It has full sleeves and it is very long. Only the hands are visible and rest of the body is fully covered. The modern Abaya collection is very exclusive; few of the designs have chiffon sleeves attached to them. Abaya collection of Sri Lanka is different from that of Dubai, it is based primarily on the type of societies and cultures people of that area follow.

Abaya Collection in Sri Lanka

Abaya Collection Sri Lanka

This image shows a woman wearing a plain black Abaya; it has printed embroidered sleeves, which makes it look quite exclusive and graceful.

Abaya Collection Sri Lanka

A very new and unique style of Abaya, which has an embroidered coat or jacket on top.

Abaya Collection Sri Lanka