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Islamic wear with fashionable hijab styles

In islam, muslims are always concerned about appropriate dressing.Hijab styles as well as Islamic wear has changed a lot over the last few years. Abayas were initially quite simple, but as time passed we saw a great trend in many fashionable styles which could even be worn on special occasions.
Islamic hijab styles

We will now look at hijab styles used for Islamic wear for 2015

Islamic hijab styles

Abayas always come accompanied with a matching headscarf. This headscarf has a pretty border and loose style which is quite flattering to the face.


Islamic hijab styles

This look combines modesty with fashion. This is a cute way of wearing the abaya. She wore it with black heels and instead of a black scarf, you can use a completely different colour to give you a fresh modern look.

Islamic hijab styles

This looks quite cool. Who would’ve thought of combining the headpiece with your hijab for an abaya. It looks beautiful.

Islamic hijab styles

This was an interesting find. A turban with abaya. And she matched it according to the purple colour in the abaya and even added earrings.

Islamic hijab styles

If you aren’t comfortable with the turban style, you can always add the headscarf above the turban to give it a different look.

Islamic hijab styles

This is absolutely stunning. Love the embroidery. She used a pashmina and lace hijab to achieve this look.

I hope this gave you ideas on how to style Islamic wear with your hijab in a fashionable and elegant way. Happy styling.

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