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How to wrap a Hijab in Arabian Style?

There are many designs and styles for wearing hijab, but the most simple of them all is how to wrap a hijab in Arabian style. The first and most important step is to get hold of a fabric, which goes with the color of your dress and the one you can easily handle. Pashmina shawls can be handled easily and they are crease free. Moreover, they have good draping qualities and give full coverage to head and chest of women, thus fulfilling the basic context of taking Hijab. Women might be needing safety pins to attach hijab securely, so that it does not fall off while they are working or are in a gathering where there are males not belonging to their immediate family. The first step is to place the scarf on the head, with one long and one slightly short end. The second step is to fold in the ends and pin them at your neck. The fourth step is to grab the long end and place it over your head. The fifth step is to pin down at the side, bring the layers at the back, and create fold and then pin up. Many latest Arab headscarf collections are available for instance the collection of 2016-2017, and to adopt new, modern and trendy designs, in order to look fashionable help can be taken from various online tutorials which explain how to copy designs in simple and easy way. The images below show simple steps as how to wrap a hijab in Arabian Style?

Tutorial: How to wrap a Hijab in Arabian Style?

how to wrap a hijab arabian style

how to wrap a hijab arabian stylehow to wrap a hijab arabian style

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