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Arabian Style Hijab and How To Wear it

The Arabian hijab style is always admired and we will show you how to wear this style. If you require more ideas then do have a look at our previous article here. There are many fashionable ways to wear the niqab which is predominantly worn by Arabian women in eastern countries. They mostly wear the most beautiful abayas with niqab and accompany the style with elaborate and bold make-up. The winged eye-liner has become a make-up trend which originates from Arabia and it continues to be the ” go-to ” eye make-up for many young girls. It also adds drama and interest in the eye area, especially when you’re wearing niqab.

Niqab can be worn in many styles. The niqab can be bought and the most common colour would be black and it would come with the abaya. I would rather use a colourful ¬†rectangle scarf to style a niqab. Did you know you don’t have to search for niqab tutorials when wanting to try out new styles. Instead, just follow a hijab tutorial and before starting, place your tube scarf around your neck and pull it over your mouth and nose. Then start styling. I realized that in doing this, you can wear any hijab style and it broadens your options for styling your niqab.

If you’re wondering how to wear your niqab during winter, simply use a pashmina and you are sorted. It will keep you warm too. I tried a turban niqab style with a pashmina and it was very fancy. You start wrapping your turban and lastly, take the remaining end and cover your face.


Accessorizing your niqab is the best a part. I have seen amazing jewelry pieces worn with niqab. Arabian women love their headpieces and headchains. We will be looking at them below.

Pictures: How To Wear Hijab in Arabian Style

how to wear hijab in Arabian style

Here is an abaya and niqab ensemble worn by an arabian women. Here we see the headchain and earring worn as a tikka. Some women also cover there hands as well. Her lace gloves look beautiful with rings. She even wore a necklace. If you look at this image, you will notice she is wearing every type of jewelry.

how to wear hijab in Arabian style

Here we see the abaya with a matching niqab. This is how to wear niqab in a fashionable way. She wore a turban style hijab and placed the niqab over it. Using the detailed edging of the abaya scarf and placing it on your head as a veil looks very beautiful.

How To Accessorize Arabian Hijab


how to wear hijab in Arabian style

These chains across the face is a great way of adding interest to your niqab style. Here we see the winged eye-liner I spoke of earlier which adds drama and interest to your look.



how to wear hijab in Arabian style

how to wear hijab in Arabian style

How To Wear Arabian Hijab For Fancy Occasions

Many girls who wear niqab are always looking for ways on how to wear niqab for fancy occasions. These days, the young girls wear niqab with western clothing.

how to wear hijab in Arabian style

how to wear hijab in Arabian style

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at how to wear hijab in Arabian style. Share your styles in the comment box below.

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