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Criss-cross hijab tutorial 2016

Today I thought of sharing a criss-cross hijab tutorial with you for 2016. This is the first of a range of hijab pictorials which I will be bringing to you. I will be showcasing many different styles so do have a look on our site for the latest hijab tutorials. For more criss-cross hijab tutorials, click here

Step-by-step hijab tutorial for 2016

20160615_155712 (2)

Step 1: You will need an undercap, 2 rectangle scarves. I chose a green and purple. Matching hijab pins, a non-snag hijab pin and  an Alice band.


20160615_155946 (2)

Step 2: Place both scarves on your head with one slightly longer end on the one side for both scarves.


Step 3: Pin both scarves at your neck with the non-snag hijab pin.


Step 4: Place the Alice band on your head.


Step 5: Take the shorter green end and place it above your head.


Step 6: Take the shorter purple end and place it over your head as in the image.



Step 7: Take the longer green end and wrap it around your head and pinning it down at the side.


20160615_161322 (2)

Step 8: Take the long purple end and wrap it around your head and pin it at the side.


20160615_161336 (2)

And… here’s the completed criss-cross hijab style. I hope you found this tutorial useful and will try it out soon. This style is a bit fancy and can be worn to parties and special events. I wore it to a wedding supper, since there’s a bit of bling on the Alice band. Let me know what you think and do send me your requests. Happy styling 🙂



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